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The International Film Festival Rotterdam announced today that “Thirty-two short films from twenty-three countries have been selected for the [festival’s] first TV5 Tiger Cub Awards Competition…

“The competition will be screened in five compilation programmes before a jury consisting of Kathleen Forde (USA, exhibitions and program coordinator for the Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology in New York), Mariska Graveland (The Netherlands, journalist and film critic of Dutch monthly magazine ‘De Filmkrant’) and Kerry Laitala (USA, filmmaker and teacher at the San Francisco Art Institute).

“Three Tiger Cub Awards, to be presented during IFFR’s Awards Ceremony on February 4, 2005, will come with a prize of Euro 3,000 each.”

TV5 Tiger Cub Awards Competition, IFFR 2005

Competition Programme I

TOZ (DUST) – H. Fatih Kizilgok (14 min., 35mm, Turkey), world premiere

DIMMER – Talmage Cooley (12 min., video, USA), international premiere

ELENI’S OLIVES – Yianna Americanou (19 min., 35mm, Cyprus / UK), world premiere

BREGMAN, EL SIGUIENTE (AS FOLLOWS) – Federico Veiroj (13 min., 35mm, Spain), European premiere

SZERELEM MEG HAL (GETTING EVEN) – Barnabas Toth ( 29 min., video, Hungary), world premiere

Competition Programme II

A ESPERA (THE WAITING) – Ernesto Sollis (8 min., 35mm, Brazil)

LATA AT TSINELAS (CAN & SLIPPERS) – Khavn De La Cruz (2 min., video, Philippines) world premiere

ESH (THE DONKEY) – Areg Azatian (10 min., video, Armenia), world premiere

TLAHUELPUCHI – Fabiola del Carmen Ramos (8 min., video, Mexico), international premiere

SUBROSA – Karoe Goldt (3 min., video, Austria), world premiere

PJATNATCAT LET (FIFTEEN YEARS) – Aslan Galazov (18 min., 35 mm, Russia), world premiere

DAJANG SOEMBI: THE WOMAN WHO IS MARRIED TO A DOG – Edwin (7 min, video., Indonesia), international premiere

DA JANELO DE MEU QUARTO (FROM THE WINDOW OF MY ROOM) – Cao Guimaraes (5 min., 35mm, Brazil), international premiere

LA GUERRA DE LOS GIMNASIOS (THE WAR OF THE GYMS) – Diego Lerman (28 min., 35mm, Argentina)

Competition Programme III

CELLULE 719 (CELL 719) – Annik Leroy (15 min., video, Belgium), international premiere

NUUK – Thomas Koner (6 min., video, Germany), world premiere

LOY FAH (TO INFINITY AND BEYOND) – Sompot Chidgasornpongse (18 min., video, Thailand), international premiere

IN THE MIDST OF… – Pieter-Paul Mortier (18 min., video, Belgium), world premiere

BEACH BOYS VS GHETTO BOYS – Cory Arcangel (3 min., video, USA), international premiere

RIAU – Zai Kuning (30 min., video, Singapore / Indonesia), world premiere

Competition Programme IV

VEERE – David Lammers (10 min., 35mm, The Netherlands), world premiere

A TREE IN TANJUNG MALIM – Tan Chui Mui (24 min., video, Malaisia), European premiere

FARA BENE MIKLES (BEING GOOD AT MIKLES) – Christian Angeli (17 min., video, Italy)

SHENG RI (BIRTHDAY) – Bertrand Lee (30 min., 35mm, Singapore),

Competition Programme V

TUBE – Christopher Steele (8 min., 16 mm, UK), world premiere

RESONANCE OF TEARS – Atsuhiko Watanabe (11 min., video, France), world premiere

MIO FRATELLO YANG (YANG, MY BROTHER) – Gianluca & Massimiliano De Serio (15 min., 35mm, Italy), international premiere

NOC V HOTELI (NIGHT IN A HOTEL) – Matus Libovic (9 min., 35mm, Slovakia)

INTERLUDE – Joost van Veen (3 min., 16mm, The Netherlands), world premiere

NIGHT SCHOOL – Simon Green (14 min., video, UK), international premiere

RINGO – Conall Jones, Alfred Secombe (5 min., video, USA), international premiere

HANASHIM SHEL YOM SHLISHI (TUESDAY’S WOMEN) – Oded Binnun, Mihal Brezis (20 min., 35mm, Israel)

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