PolarPro Has Tons of Clever Rigs for the GoPro Action Shooter

ProGrip Strap Mount Combo In-Use 3

I know, another company with more GoPro accessories. At first I was skeptical that I’d see something new, but as someone who dives and hikes, just about everything I saw from PolarPro solved a lot of mounting and accessibility problems…  Read more


DIY Previs: Developer Dan Fearing on ShotPro


Just as pencil-and-paper storyboarding has by and large given way to computer-based previsualization software, high-end previs suites are now confronting much more budget-friendly software and apps. The newest of these is ShotPro, an iOS app from that premiered on the App Store late…  Read more


Solo Smart Drone Creates Virtual Second Operator


While news of another GoPro drone being released may not seem too exciting, 3D Robotics’ new Solo drone has some incredibly smart features that set it apart from everything currently on the market. Anyone who’s operated or dealt with a drone…  Read more


Blackmagic Announces New Cameras at NAB

Blackmagic URSA MiniBlackmagic URSA Mini

It’s NAB, and Blackmagic have once again announced some exciting new cameras. Blackmagic has developed a bit of a reputation for announcing cameras with amazing specifications at incredibly good prices. They may not be as refined as the cameras from…  Read more