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Get MōVI Level Shots From Your GoPro With This Stabilizer from Polaroid

Gear - Polaroid Stabilizer Thumbnail 2

Polaroid sent over their handheld 3-axis stabilizer for GoPro for a hands on review. In the video below I do a run through of the device along with taking it out for a spin with some test footage. At $180 it’s one of…  Read more

By Jun 29, 2016

Watch: Which Movies Have the Greatest Cinematography?

Tree of LifeTree of Life

Over at Fandor Keyframe, Scout Tafoya muses about what makes a great cinematographer. “None of us seems to quite have the same definition of great photography,” he intones. “It seems that none of us agree what a cinematographer is supposed to…  Read more

By Apr 28, 2016

Kodak and Kickstarter Launch Program for Indie Filmmakers to Shoot on Film

Queen of EarthQueen of Earth

Despite outliers such as Alex Ross Perry and Todd Haynes, the general consensus among independent filmmakers is that shooting on film is too expensive to be feasible. Over the past year, Kodak has been working to get the word out that…  Read more

By Apr 25, 2016

Watch (and Read): Video Tribute and Interview with D.P. Jeff Cronenweth

Alexis (11)

With Josh Maczinski’s tribute to Jeff Cronenweth popping up around the interwebs, here’s a good time to post, alongside it, Jamie Stuart’s 2014 interview with the cinematographer. Maczinski’s supercut surveys favorite scenes from films like Gone Girl, The Social Network,…  Read more

By Mar 29, 2016

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