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Sony’s Two New Cameras: VENICE and RX0

Sony has announced two new cameras that will be of interest to filmmakers, though because they are so different it’s entirely possible that you might have heard of one and not the other. Sony VENICE At the high-end, Sony has…  Read more

By Sep 11, 2017

Shooting From Dock to Dish with the New Canon C200

For the launch of the C200, Canon hired producer Andrew Fried of Boardwalk Pictures to create a short introduction video, From Dock to Dish. Boardwalk Pictures specializes in nonfiction programming, most notably producing the Chef’s Table series for Netflix. The team, including DP…  Read more

By Aug 14, 2017

Cinematographer Lucas Alvarado-Farrar on Shooting Whose Streets?

Whose Streets

Opening today in theaters is Sabaah Folayan’s Whose Streets?, co-directed by Damon Davis. Both visceral and thoughtful, it looks back at the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO in September, 2014, capturing all the turbulence and outcry of the…  Read more

By Aug 11, 2017

Commercials: Acting School for the Rest of Us

My “gateway” commercial experience: shooting beautiful tourist destinations for Travel Oregon (with some fun tools in tow). (Photo courtesy of Sean Porter)

I didn’t work in the ad world for a long time. I remember always being a bit jealous of my DP friends who somehow found their way on that path early on, usually through music videos. I dabbled in music…  Read more

By Jun 16, 2017

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