Anagram Creators May Abdalla and Amy Rose on Door into the Dark

Amy Rose and May Abdalla (left to right) of AnagramAmy Rose and May Abdalla (left to right) of Anagram

The best work I saw at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival wasn’t a film at all. It was, instead, a lovely piece of conceptual counterprogramming in Tribeca’s Storyscapes section, Door into the Dark. An immersive theater piece by May Abdalla…  Read more


Beyond London: Alastair Roberts of the Royal Opera House on Live Cinema Broadcasts

Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAlice's Adventures in Wonderland

One useful maxim in the ever-changing world of theatrical distribution is that transforming your cinematic screenings into a one-time events will help drive people to your film. Likewise, theaters are searching for ways to make their products stand out in a world…  Read more


The Promise and Realities of Creating Immersive Media Projects — Best Practices: A StoryCode Report

BodyMindChange Cronenberg

The following report on five pioneering immersive media projects — a report detailing their viewership, audience engagement and creators’ best practices — appears on Filmmaker courtesy of StoryCode, where it is crossposted. Anyone creating immersive media has run into a…  Read more


transmediale 2015: Erica Scourti, Banks of Body Parts and Body Scan

Erica Scourti

Since 1988 transmediale has been one of Europe’s premiere events for showcasing transmedia and technology for art and narrative and nonfiction storytelling. Director Kristoffer Gansing (who spoke with Filmmaker last year) and his team continue to assemble cutting-edge films, installations, performances, workshops, and other events,…  Read more