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Nine Years in Nine Minutes: The Guardian’s 6×9 VR Look at Solitary Confinement

Alexis (7)

One of the most powerful pieces at Tribeca’s Storyscapes program this year was a nine-minute evocation of the experience of solitary confinement produced by The Guardian. Now available for Google Cardboard or simply viewed as a web video on The…  Read more

By Apr 29, 2016

Tribeca 2016: Exploring the Virtual Arcade


Tribeca is still a young festival — its fifteenth edition just wrapped last week — and though originally traditional films constituted its entire focus, soon transmedia, interactive work, and then virtual reality gained enough prominence that by 2016 they were as…  Read more

By Apr 25, 2016

Tribeca 2016: Making Guy Maddin’s Seances Interactive


Watching Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson’s latest work Seances feels both familiar and utterly strange. Born from the knowledge that over 80% of silent movies have been lost, Maddin and his collaborators at the NFB wanted to resurrect as many…  Read more

By Apr 25, 2016

Tribeca 2016: Patrick Osborne on Winning an Oscar and his Animated VR Piece Pearl


Patrick Osborne came to national attention with his animated short Feast, a delightful film about a food-loving dog that screened with Disney’s Big Hero 6 and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short for 2014. It dealt with family, loyalty, and growth…  Read more

By Apr 22, 2016

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