Five Questions for Sabrina Dridje about the Creative>>Founder Lab

Creative Founder

The Creative>>Founder Lab is the newest offering from the Made in New York Media Center by IFP, a eight-week program intended to help creative professionals develop the business skills required to see their projects to fruition. Design thinking, monetization, rapid…  Read more


“You Just Keep Bad Things Away from Your Project — That’s What a Director Does”: Katerina Cizek on the She Does Podcast

K Cizek

Katerina Cizek is an innovative documentary storyteller who works across many media platforms. She’s currently the director of the National Film Board of Canada’s multi-year project entitled HIGHRISE, which examines life inside residential skyscrapers in suburbs around the world. Since…  Read more


Anagram Creators May Abdalla and Amy Rose on Door into the Dark

Amy Rose and May Abdalla (left to right) of AnagramAmy Rose and May Abdalla (left to right) of Anagram

The best work I saw at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival wasn’t a film at all. It was, instead, a lovely piece of conceptual counterprogramming in Tribeca’s Storyscapes section, Door into the Dark. An immersive theater piece by May Abdalla…  Read more


Beyond London: Alastair Roberts of the Royal Opera House on Live Cinema Broadcasts

Alice's Adventures in WonderlandAlice's Adventures in Wonderland

One useful maxim in the ever-changing world of theatrical distribution is that transforming your cinematic screenings into a one-time events will help drive people to your film. Likewise, theaters are searching for ways to make their products stand out in a world…  Read more