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Making VR that Matters: Johns Hopkins’ New Immersive Storytelling and Emerging Technologies Program

In last summer’s print issue of Filmmaker I wrote about the ways that university film and computer science departments are adapting to teach virtual and augmented reality in their classrooms. In schools all over the world, students are finding ways to…  Read more

By Nov 22, 2017

Five Questions with Night Night Director Guy Shelmerdine about the Future of Horror and VR

Night Night. Courtesy of Dark Corner; photo by Matej Tresnak

Earlier this month — and just in time for Halloween — the production company Dark Corner, known for its genre films and virtual reality projects, launched a new app that aims to become the go-to platform for horror, science-fiction and…  Read more

By Oct 31, 2017

Interactive Storytelling in Eko Studio’s The Garage Sale

The Garage Sale

From the folks at Eko Studio, director J.M. Logan (The Disunited States of America) and writer Molly Hagan comes a new interactive film for the web, The Garage Sale. It’s about three couples who descend on a suburban garage sale…  Read more

By Sep 30, 2017

Kaleidoscope Launches New VR Marketplace

In the three years since its founding in 2014, San Francisco-based Kaleidoscope has made itself a major player in the virtual reality landscape. The company began by hosting exhibition events for new VR pieces—like Joost Jordens’ and Mike von Rotz’s…  Read more

By Jul 24, 2017

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