“I See It More as a Visual Poem”: Animator Glen Keane on the Interactive Film Duet


Glen Keane made me want to make movies. As a head animator at Disney from the 1970s until just a few years ago, when he left to create his own company, Keane created iconic characters like Ariel, Aladdin, and Tarzan,…  Read more


Miranda July and Carrie Brownstein Promise a Somebody App That “Works”

web photo

Regarding her eccentrically beautiful messaging app Somebody, Miranda July has posted this video with Carrie Brownstein about its v.2. “Over the next few months we will be making Somebody 2.0,” she writes. “It’s just like Somebody 1.0 but it works.”…  Read more


TFI Sandbox Relaunches

tfi sandbox paris

A year and a half ago the Tribeca Film Institute launched the TFI Sandbox, an online resource for documentary transmedia projects with connections to the New Media Fund and other real-world resources. Since then the Sandbox has helped produce some…  Read more


Björk’s Biophilia Available to Download


Björk has been releasing Biophilia, in one way or another, for over three years now, transforming what could have simply been yet another album into a master class on multi-platform releases and extended community-building endeavors. In October 2011 the album came…  Read more