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DOC NYC 2016 Short List Films

O.J.: Made in America

DOC NYC has announced its 2016 Short List, which has a track record of successfully predicting other awards, including the Oscars. All of the DOC NYC Short List titles will screen during the festival with the director or other special guests present…  Read more

By Sep 28, 2016

Racism in Baltimore via Pest Control: Theo Anthony on Rat Film

Rat Film

An ethnographic and sociological nonfiction horror film, Theo Anthony’s Rat Film is a free-form experience with topical relevance. Long burdened by a documented history of residential segregation, Baltimore, Maryland —  Anthony’s current place of residence — has served as a recent political…  Read more

By Aug 19, 2016

The Rumpus Launches Lo-Fi Los Angeles Film Festival

After Adderall

What to do when your film doesn’t get accepted to any film festivals? Why, start your own film festival! Of course, it’s helpful if you’re the founding editor of a successful web site such as The Rumpus. That’s the case with…  Read more

By Jun 23, 2016

Filmmaker Stephen Elliott Investigates a “Rigged” Film Festival Submission Process and Launches the Lo-Fi Los Angeles Fest

After Adderall

Stephen Elliott is an author, filmmaker, and founding editor of the respected literary web site, The Rumpus. He co-wrote and directed the James Franco-starring About Cherry, which premiered at The Berlin International Film Festival in 2012 before screening at other…  Read more

By Jun 10, 2016

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