Tribeca Film Festival XIII #2: Survey Says

Onur Tukel's Summer Of Blood Onur Tukel's Summer Of Blood

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence (don’t strain yourself trying to find out) that the same year the Tribeca Film Festival was partially acquired by Knicks owner James Dolan’s Madison Square Garden Company, the ESPN-sponsored sports film sidebar — a reliable showcase of “30 For 30″-esque jock docs destined for the network — kicked off with a gala screening of actor Michael Rappaport’s When the Garden Was Eden, a documentary about the Knicks’ late ’60s and early ’70s glory years. Here, the director of the well-regarded A Tribe Called Quest doc Beats, Rhymes & Life (which I wrote about here) relies on standard-fare interviews and archival footage instead of the intimate vérité that made his earlier film a standout. Hall-of-famers Willis Reed, Walt…  Read more


2014 Rooftop Films Lineup

We Are The Best! We Are The Best!

Rooftop Films, New York’s pre-eminent outdoor Summer showcase, announced their lineup this afternoon, with a good dose of circuit selections and niche titles. Following a venue shuffle, Gillian Robespierre’s Obvious Child will kick things off on May 17 at Sunset Park’s Industry City, ahead of the film’s June 6 release. In my interview with Robespierre for the Spring issue, the director credited Rooftop’s grants and warm reception of her short as a necessary boost when deciding to press ahead with the feature, so it should be a nice homecoming. The slate will also showcase fellow New Directors/New Films titles, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night and She’s Lost Control, both of which this writer recommends, alongside Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter, 10,000 KM and (maybe my favorite of the year?) We Are…  Read more


5 Questions For X/Y Writer/Director Ryan Piers Williams


An admission of infidelity — hers — sends a pair of twentysomething New Yorkers into separate rabbit holes of desire, regret and personal discovery in Ryan Piers Williams second feature, X/Y. The film is something of a family affair, as Williams and his wife, America Ferrera, star as the couple, with each supported on their La Ronde-ish journeys by a charismatic cast of supporting players, including Melonie Diaz, Dree Hemingway, Common and Amber Tamblyn. Intimacy, IRL and online; sexual fantasy vs. reality; the artist’s life vs. the corporate warrior — all these dichotomies are explored in a film that draws its name not from the signs for male and female but from the middle ground of identity between the generations…  Read more


5 Questions for Ballet 422 Director Jody Lee Lipes

Ballet 422 Ballet 422

Making his name with Afterschool and Tiny Furniture, Jody Lee Lipes has quickly solidified his standing as one of the most impressive American cinematographers currently working. Alongside a diverse slate of DP work (he both shot and directed episodes of Girls and is currently working on Judd Apatow’s next feature Trainwreck), Lipes has also been establishing himself as a documentarian. 2009′s Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be The Same followed the title artist in the middle of a creative and personal breakdown/breakthrough; for 2010′s co-directed NY Export: Opus Jazz, Lipes staged a 1958 Jerome Robbins ballet on New York’s streets. Another kind of dance film, Ballet 422 reunites Lipes with Export executive producer Ellen Bar (who serves as New…  Read more


5 Questions for Below Dreams Director Garrett Bradley

Wigon (2)

New Orleans-based multi-media artist Garrett Bradley makes her feature debut at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival with Below Dreams, a tough-minded portrait of three economically-challenged twentysomethings trying to settle a life for themselves in a city that’s seen its own share of recent adversity. Honest and sensitive, the film is informed by Bradley’s own experience living in New Orleans, and she developed the script based on interviews conducted on frequent Greyhound bus trips there. Below Dreams is an alumni of the IFP Narrative Labs. Filmmaker: What’s been new creatively for you in terms of moving from gallery-based work to a feature film? Bradley: The smaller experimental pieces that I have done since I was 16 years old were always hyper-focused…  Read more


Joss Whedon Sells Directly to Fans Following Tribeca Premiere of In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes In Your Eyes

Earlier this month, we ran an interview with Monica Peña, a first time filmmaker who capitalized on the festival premiere of Ectotherms by immediately selling the film on her website. Such a concept is spreading beyond no-budget land and into the distribution strategy of alterna-mogul Joss Whedon. Following last night’s world premiere of In Your Eyes at the Tribeca Film Festival, Whedon — the film’s writer/executive producer — announced that it was immediately available for rent on Vimeo on Demand. He did so not in person, but from the set of the latest Avengers installment, ensuring the tidbit’s viral-ability. Chances are, it’s working nicely. In Your Eyes is available for $5 through the official site for a 72 hour rental. Early reviews for the film, directed by Brin Hill…  Read more


Tribeca Film Festival XIII #1: Street Dreams

Time Is Illmatic Time Is Illmatic

No one gets confused anymore that going to the Tribeca Film Festival can mean being on the Upper West Side to watch a rapper perform. What’s to be confused about? The festival outgrew Tribeca. In the “Tribeca” of the mind — at least for those living outside New York — the Triangle Beneath Canal is synonymous with the festival started by Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal in the wake of 9/11. But festival venues aren’t down there: global brands don’t trade in symbolism unless it makes economic sense. Why shouldn’t the Big Ten have twelve teams? Nobody cares. Certainly not James Dolan, who just acquired half the festival for a lot of money and whose Madison Square Garden Company owns…  Read more


What to See from the Tribeca Film Festival Online

tribeca interlude

Screenings have just kicked off in Manhattan for the Tribeca Film Festival, but as always not all the films are showing in theaters–and there’s more available online this year than ever before. Here’s a quick guide to what you can see and how to see it. Streaming select titles: Four feature films and four shorts will be online after their initial theatrical screenings this week and next; they’ll also be eligible for an audience choice award with prize money totaling $15,000. All of Tribeca’s online material discussed below, including these eight films, is available at http://tribecafilm.com/online. The short films include: * Love in the Time of March Madness - USA; directed by Melissa Johnson & Robertino Zambrano; an animated film about a female basketball…  Read more



tribeca interlude

What to See from the Tribeca Film Festival Online

Screenings have just kicked off in Manhattan for the Tribeca Film Festival, but as always not all the films are showing in theaters–and there’s more available online this year than ever before. Here’s a quick guide to what you can see and how to see…  Read more

Apr 19, 2014

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Fishtail Fishtail

25 Picks for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival opens today, and, as usual, it’s a multi-headed hydra with splashy events, panels, talks but also, of course, films by new and emerging filmmakers. And while Tribeca has garnered a reputation in recent years as a solid platform for international directors…  Read more

on Apr 16, 2014

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Wigon (2)

Tilda Swinton’s Best Interview Ever

Last fall Jamie Stuart was conducting interviews for his NYFF51. He ran into the publicist handling Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive and asked if he could get a sit down with Tilda Swinton. The answer: yes, but time was tight. The result is the…  Read more

on Apr 7, 2014