Welcome to the Future: Adrienne Becker on the Business of Social Art

Adrienne Becker Adrienne Becker

The following is the text of a Blitz Week speech given by Adrienne Becker at the Filmmaker Conference at Independent Film Week, presented by the Made in NY Media Center by IFP. IFP is Filmmaker‘s parent organization. Welcome to the future. I’m Adrienne Becker and I’ll be your Blitz for the next 15 minutes. Feel free to have your devices ready — anything I say or do is an invitation to jump right in and make my story your own. In fact, go ahead and do that. Take this tablet, pass it around, change the title of this talk as it happens, and then let’s see where we end up. Just be sure to sign your name and snap your…  Read more


A Place for Research and Discovery: The Venice Film Festival

A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

Even the rain knocked down the Lions. When a storm hit the Lido island around the central-weekend turning point, delegates could be seen gleefully snapping pictures of the overturned statues outside the Casinò, a simplistic metaphor for the Venice Film Festival’s shaky status in recent years. You’d think the bronze lions themselves would be tired of hearing stories about Toronto and the shrinking circuit space for awards-season launchpads. However, with the Toronto/Telluride battle over world premieres turning nasty and some bolder picks than usual from the NYFF, Venice director Alberto Barbera was wise to renounce the star-chasing madness and to continue his quiet rewiring of the Lido as a place for research and discovery. If that didn’t translate to the…  Read more


Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut on The Illumination Experience and the Keys to the City


In the second part of this interview with cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, we cover his upcoming “Illumination Experience Educational Tour“; why he’s undertaken this project, and the format and objective of the classes. Hurlbut also reveals what he calls “the keys to the city”: how he conducts lighting tests with actors before production starts. Filmmaker: How did the “The Illumination Experience” come about? Hurlbut: Five years ago I started on this mission of sharing. I felt like mentoring was dead in this business. I wanted to educate and inspire, and use the passion for what I love to do to energize and fuel the content creation revolution that was brought about by the RED, and the Canon 5D Mark II. I was…  Read more


Watch: 17 TIFF Shorts Available on Vimeo

Shane Carruth in everything & everything & everything Shane Carruth in everything & everything & everything

The distribution rollout for short form work remains a tenuous enterprise, at best. Aside from throwing it up on Vimeo or YouTube, and hoping it catches the eye of a curated site like Short of the Week, many filmmakers end up sitting on their shorts for months after their festival premiere. Vimeo is shaking up that paradigm by offering 17 shorts from the Toronto International Film Festival’s Short Cuts program — which the streaming site sponsors — online through September 19. These include the Jury Prize winning A Single Body, which offers insight into an earnest male friendship; the Shane Carruth-starring everything & everything & everything; the sci-fi Entangled, from a writer of Orphan Black; and some Wavelengths selections, for the experimentalists among us.


Watch: David Lynch Walks Through his Philadelphia Museum Exhibition


Here’s a change of pace for David Lynch: a video in which he’s silent. Apparently coveting the type of foot traffic drawn by MoMA’s Tim Burton retrospective in 2010, which (at least at the time) drew the third-largest attendance numbers in the museum’s history, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts is hosting the first big US retro of its alumnus’ artwork. Here, Lynch strides through the museum, looking at the fruits of his work to the strains of his own “The Night Bell With Lightning” from 2011′s album Crazy Clown Time. If you want a quick walk through this part of the art-school trained director’s work (Lynch preferred his time at PAFA to his stint at Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine…  Read more


Between the Familiar and the Strange: TIFF Wavelengths 2014

Mary Helena Clark's The Dragon is the Frame Mary Helena Clark's The Dragon is the Frame

Amidst the overwhelming landscape of the Toronto International Film Festival, the Wavelengths program provides a more tightly focused forum for experimental and avant-garde cinema. Until 2012, Wavelengths was primarily a sidebar of sorts for experimental short film programs. Eventually, it absorbed the former Visions program, and, now in its 14th iteration, Wavelengths presents short film programs alongside (or at least in relative conjunction with) domestic and international titles which challenge audiences in unique ways. I had read about Wavelengths for years and knew of its reputation as one of the primary places to see new experimental work. As a first time attendee at TIFF, it became clear that those interested in Wavelengths shorts are also interested in Wavelengths features, and,…  Read more


Laura Poitras’s CITIZENFOUR Will World Premiere at the New York Film Festival

Edward Snowden, from CITIZENFOUR Edward Snowden, from CITIZENFOUR

Laura Poitras’s long-anticipated third film in her trilogy dealing with post-9/11 foreign policies and the security state, CITIZENFOUR, will world premiere in the Main Selection of the 2014 New York Film Festival, the Film Society of Lincoln Center has announced. Poitras had been working on the film following her Oscar-nominated The Oath when she was contacted by a mysterious whistleblower, who later revealed himself to be Edward Snowden. That encounter changed the course of her film, to say nothing of our national dialogue concerning the limits of our freedom in the internet age. From the Film Society of Lincoln Center: In January 2013, filmmaker Laura Poitras was several years into the making of a film about abuses of national security…  Read more


POV Launches Interactive Shorts Including Empire:Cradle

Empire:Cradle Empire:Cradle

POV, America’s longest running television showcase for non-fiction films, is wading into interactive waters. Yesterday, the doc powerhouse launched an online, short-form transmedia section, with six projects, four of which were created by Hackathon alumni, and three of which will be premiering at NYFF’s Convergence sidebar in the ensuing weeks. The works are driven by timelines, geography, and photography, but my hands down favorite, Empire:Cradle, is fueled by a transcendent moral code. One in a series of four shorts that probes the ramifications of Dutch colonialism, Cradle is shot on location at Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport. Pairing clusters of bystanders who watch the takeoffs and landings with undertakers in the airport’s mortuary, who ready the passed-on passengers inside a handful of those very flights, the film…  Read more



Elisabeth Holm, Gillian Robespierre and moderator Dan Schoenbrun Elisabeth Holm, Gillian Robespierre and moderator Dan Schoenbrun

Euro-Pudding and Look Books: Takeaways from Day One at IFP’s Filmmaker Conference

After sitting through the majority of the New Narratives presentations on day one of the Filmmaker Conference at IFP Film Week, my brain is almost too awash with content to compile anything but a listicle. From conversations with cinematographers like Reed Morano and producers like Mynette Louie to an Obvious Child…  Read more

Sep 15, 2014

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Previewing IFP’s Filmmaker Conference Series

Affiliation bias aside, it’s a bit tricky to offer a succinct preview of IFP’s Filmmaker Conference during the upcoming Film Week, as all five days of programming are chock-full of essentials. The annual event runs at Lincoln Center from September 14 – 18, with panels, keynotes, pitches,…  Read more

on Sep 4, 2014

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Hannah Murray, Olly Alexander and Emily Browning in God Help the Girl Hannah Murray, Olly Alexander and Emily Browning in God Help the Girl

“Making a Great Movie Music Moment”: Stuart Murdoch on God Help the Girl

There’s a certain rhetoric about the “perfect pop song” that feels like it peaked 25ish years ago somewhere on a bus in the UK, where earnest young people bonded over shared cultdom to pass the time, the guiding sensibility that (random example) led Orange Juice…  Read more

on Sep 4, 2014