Remembering Setsuko Hara, 1920 – 2015

Setsuko Hara in Tokyo Story Setsuko Hara in Tokyo Story

I once lived with a woman for two years because her face and her energy reminded me of Setsuko Hara. There was the promise of beautiful dignity. The potential of sensual morality. And then of course the Setsuko illusion shattered when the woman threw a plate at my head. I’m not alone in falling for the great Japanese actress who passed recently at 95. There aren’t many movie stars that one wants for a wife and to grow old with. For instance, no one sees By The Sea, and says, “Geez, I gotta go find me an Angelina to propose to.” No one saw Barbara Stanwyck and said, “Yeah, that looks like a person to buy a cottage with.” And…  Read more


Kickstarting Paper Chase with the Top Five Black Characters in Mainstream Teen Movies

Gabrielle Union (center) in Ten Things I Hate About You Gabrielle Union (center) in Ten Things I Hate About You

We love teen movies. We’ve seen everything from Say Anything to Whatever It Takes, Pretty In Pink to Drive Me Crazy. Name a teen movie that was in theaters and chances are we’ve seen it twice. But while we love these films we were always taken aback by the lack of diversity. Though Kid and Play and films like House Party and Class Act shook things up by adding some brown faces to the teen movie mix, it is still bleak out there. This void inspired us to make our own teen movie Paper Chase. Paper Chase is a comedy set in New Orleans about a young girl raising money for college by any means necessary, starring black girls like…  Read more


Building a Christmas Tree Stand to Make a Movie: Charles Poekel on Christmas, Again

Christmas Again Christmas Again

From day one there wasn’t much about the making of Christmas, Again that you could describe as “traditional.”  So, when it came to releasing the film, it only felt natural to explore the less “traditional” routes. I use “traditional” in quotes because in 2015 I can safely say that non-“traditional” strategies are the new norm, if not the only viable option for any film, big or small (we’ve seen quite a few high-profile, big-budget “traditional” releases tank this year). So moving forward, I’ll refer to our strategy as “individualized,” which I think is a more accurate way of describing this norm. Our Individualized Production In order to research for the script, have a (fully-controlled) location to shoot at, and help fund…  Read more


“Always Give Exposition While Running From a Bear”: Drew and John Erick Dowdle on No Escape

No Escape No Escape

For the past few years I’ve been bemoaning the decline of the mid-range genre film, the action movie or horror flick that is neither a contained micro-budget opus straining against its resources nor an oppressive studio behemoth in which all sense of character, theme, and nuance is suffocated under the weight of its own scale and CGI. That mid-range has always been the source of many of America’s best, most enduring films; it’s the arena where masters like Don Siegel, Nicholas Ray, and Anthony Mann plied their trade under the classical studio system, and in more recent decades auteurs like John Carpenter and Walter Hill kept the tradition alive. As the economics of the film industry have moved everything to…  Read more


“As Far as I’m Concerned, We Are Making the Movie Version”: Sam Esmail on Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot Mr. Robot

It remains unclear at what point this century cyberpunk — a science-fiction subgenre that emerged largely from the pens of William Gibson and Philip K. Dick — leapt from the realm of speculative to historical fiction; everywhere one looks, it seems that moment has arrived. Many (if not most) westerners live connected to a cyberpunk meta-narrative of their own making these days. We can all be certain, in the era of Edward Snowden, that our digital lives are being recorded. A dystopian view of computing and information technology’s potential, along with a skeptical eye toward vision of “technological as social progress” that corporate propagandists hurl at us in television marketing campaigns, has always been at the heart of the cyberunk genre. So it is with Mr.…  Read more


“The Odds Were in Our Favor to Fail”: Krisha at the BFI London Film Festival

Trey Edward Shults, Krisha Fairchild and Justin Chan Trey Edward Shults, Krisha Fairchild and Justin Chan

Krisha Fairchild is a 64-year-old actress who lives in Mexico and has four dogs. She’s named after a young Polish girl who saved her father’s life during the Invasion of Normandy in 1944. With an older sister named Vikki and a younger one called Robyn, Fairchild grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today, the three sisters take turns visiting their 91-year-old mother — who suffers from cognitive brain damage as a result of her late onset closet alcoholism — in an assisted living facility in Texas. Fairchild’s mother is remorseful about the addiction, and like her own alcoholic father, is charming and loving in spite of it. It’s this hereditary charisma that’s also striking about Fairchild, I notice when we first…  Read more


DOC NYC: Lessons and Takeaways from a Week of Masterclasses

DOC NYC Masterclass

An added feature of the 2015 DOC NYC festival was the DOC NYC PRO Conference, which included a weekend of masterclasses dedicated to the work process in cinematography, animation, editing, and building your film’s sound with the composer. Over 20 professionals touched upon the nuts and bolts of each craft while dialing into the importance of building the relationship with their director as a key element in serving the story. Below are some of the highlights the professionals shared with the audience. Use Your Camera with Intention. Mira Chang of Half The Sky said she always has a checklist of what she needs to shoot before going on location: “I need to get a wide shot to set up the…  Read more



Shaz Bennett, Melanie Miller Shaz Bennett, Melanie Miller

“To Make an Independent Movie is Delusional in a Way”: Alaska is a Drag‘s Shaz Bennett and Melanie Miller at US in Progress

US in Progress is a biannual event held in June during the Champs-Elysées Film Festival in Paris and in October during the American Film Festival in Wroclaw. It’s a five-year-old industry event that aims to strengthen transatlantic film collaborations and partnerships between European industry and…  Read more

Nov 11, 2015

Festivals & Events

Jafar Panahi in Taxi Jafar Panahi in Taxi

Cinema Eye Honors Announces 2016 Heterodox Award Nominees

Cinema Eye, which presents the Cinema Eye Honors for Nonfiction Filmmaking as part of the annual Cinema Eye Week, today announced the five nominees for its annual Heterodox Award. The Heterodox Award honors a narrative fiction film that imaginatively incorporates nonfiction strategies, content and/or modes…  Read more

on Nov 18, 2015

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