“A Freudian Tale of the Boy, the Adult and the Old Man”: Stevan Riley on Listen to Me Marlon

Listen to Me Marlon Listen to Me Marlon

Since his death, Marlon Brando has become a legend, but the actor and the man himself have gotten lost. British director Stevan Riley’s documentary Listen to Me, Marlon attempts to restore the person underneath the myth. To some extent, that’s an impossible task; even Brando himself, heard on self-recorded audio tape, talks about how movie audiences project themselves into actors. Drawing on hundreds of hours of tape recorded by Brando, as well as other audio and video sources, Riley assembles the autobiography the actor never gotten around to writing. Instead of interviewing other actors and directors about the Method, Elia Kazan’s importance to Brando’s work and career, and Brando’s political activism, he lets the man — and other participants in…  Read more


DaVinci Resolve 12 Public Beta Now Available


Blackmagic first announced DaVinci Resolve 12 back in April at NAB, but now they have released a public beta and say that the final release will be available in late August. DaVinci Resolve began life — and is widely known — as a color correction tool, but the last two updates have seen significant advances in its editing capabilities, making it a possible competitor to programs like Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut. For those on a budget, the free version offers a surprisingly complete feature set. With the release of the public beta comes some new features that weren’t announced in April as well as a renaming of the two Resolve packages. The free version, which was previously called…  Read more


TIFF Announces 2015 Gala and Special Presentations Lineup

Dheepan Dheepan

Hot on the heels off NYFF announcing Steve Jobs as their centerpiece film yesterday comes the Gala and Special Presentations lineup from TIFF. There are the expected Cannes holdovers, and a handful of world premieres from Julie Delpy, Ridley Scott, Michael Moore, Terence Davies, Rebecca Miller and more. The full list is below. OPENING NIGHT FILM “Demolition” Jean-Marc Vallee, USA (World Premiere) GALAS “Beeba Boys” Deepa Mehta, Canada (World Premiere) “Eye in the Sky” Gavin Hood, United Kingdom (World Premiere) “Forsaken” Jon Cassar, Canada (World Premiere) “Freeheld” Peter Sollett, USA (World Premiere) “Hyena Road” (“Hyena Road: Le Chemin du Combat”) Paul Gross, Canada (World Premiere) “Lolo” Julie Delpy, France (World Premiere) “Legend” Brian Helgeland, United Kingdom (International Premiere) “The Man Who Knew Infinity” Matt…  Read more


Dukhtar Writer, Director, Producer, Editor Afia Nathaniel at the Munich International Film Festival

Afia Nathaniel Afia Nathaniel

Released in Pakistan and set to open in New York and L.A. later this fall, Dukhtar tells the story of a mother and her ten-year-old daughter who flee from their home in the mountains of Pakistan. Below, first-time feature filmmaker, writer, co-producer and co-editor Afia Nathaniel speaks with me after the German premiere in Munich. Filmmaker: Did you always want to be a filmmaker? Nathaniel: I’m originally from a big city in Pakistan called Lahore, where I grew up and was educated. We didn’t have any film schools or film industry, but I always loved writing and storytelling. I never consciously declared myself a director or a writer, but that was the trajectory I was on, even when I was…  Read more


Rachel Morrison Talks Dope, Her Favorite Shot and Career as a Cinematographer

Rachel Morrison (photo: Frank Masi) Rachel Morrison (photo: Frank Masi)

As the second largest film festival in Germany, Filmfest München programs a large German slate and a range of international titles. In addition to the Alexander Payne retrospective and homage to Andy Warhol’s cinematic experiments, this year’s festival highlighted an assortment of U.S. films. Picked up by Open Road Films and Sony Pictures at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope had its German premiere in Munich. Below is my conversation with cinematographer Rachel Morrison. Filmmaker: How did you decide to become a cinematographer? Morrison: I grew up with a still camera in my hand, determined I could freeze time. I went to college for photography (specifically photojournalism), but ultimately realized I could tell a more complete story through…  Read more


Meet Me in Montenegro at the Munich Film Festival

Jenny Urich, Linnea Saasen, Ineke Hagedorn. Jenny Urich, Linnea Saasen, Ineke Hagedorn.

Meet Me in Montenegro is a romantic comedy about two lovers, a Norwegian dancer and an American filmmaker, who meet by chance during a visit to Berlin. The film is based on the real-life romance between co-writers, producers, and editors Linnea Saasen and Alex Holdridge, who both also star in the film as the fictional portrayals of their real-life characters. On the eve of the German premiere in Munich, I sat down with Saasen, her co-producer Ineke Hagedorn, and co-actress Jenny Ulrich. The Orchard has recently released the film in the U.S. and Canada, and it’s also available on digital platforms. Filmmaker: Do you think your German premiere will feel different from other festival screenings? Hagedorn: Because the film is…  Read more


“It’s Almost Impossible to Watch Something That was Shot on Film Projected on Film”: DP Jody Lee Lipes on Trainwreck

Amy Schumer and Bill Hader in Trainwreck Amy Schumer and Bill Hader in Trainwreck

The Judd Apatow-directed Trainwreck is being hailed as a breakthrough for much of its cast. It’s turned Amy Schumer – who stars as a monogamy-challenged New York magazine writer — into a movie star, Bill Hader into a leading man and LeBron James into his generation’s Bruno Kirby. But the film is an equally big break for the man behind the camera – Trainwreck cinematographer Jody Lee Lipes. In the past, Apatow has opted for veteran d.p.’s with intimidating credits. Unforgiven’s Jack Green shot The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Schindler’s List’s Janusz Kaminski lensed Funny People. On Trainwreck, Apatow turned the camera over to Lipes, who splits his time between shooting indies such as Tiny Furniture and Martha Marcy May Marlene and directing his…  Read more


Fabricated: Petzold’s Astounding Phoenix

Ronald Zehrfeld and Nina Hoss in Phoenix Ronald Zehrfeld and Nina Hoss in Phoenix

Still bearing facial scars from vain attempts to kill her in a concentration camp, the festering infection that followed, and drastic plastic surgery to re-create her (the doctor’s term) in a hospital in her bombed-out hometown of Berlin, the once ravishing Jewish chanteuse Nelly Lenz (Nina Hoss) recklessly saunters out alone into the night to search for the Aryan pianist husband she has not seen since her arrest. Extremely self-conscious, she asks a blind street musician where to even begin looking. Pointedly, he recommends the American sector: That’s where the clubs and the action are. The film’s title is the name of the G.I. hangout she explores. Without a hint of subtlety, it references the archetypal emergence from the ashes…  Read more



15 Sexy Things You Get to Do When You Think Your Film is Finished

Okay, you’ve spent seven years making your indie opus, another two years playing the festival circuit, and somewhere along the way you even managed to sell your film and get distribution. Hooray, you’re done and the party’s over! Your goal by this point is undoubtedly…  Read more

Apr 28, 2015

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People's Park People's Park

A Worthy Kickstarter to Show the Shuttered Beijing Independent Film Festival’s Selections in the US

With 20 days to go, the Kickstarter launched by producer/distributor Karin Chien, critic/curator Shelly Kraicer, and filmmaker/anthropologist J.P. Sniadecki has already hit its initial target goal for the purpose of organizing a series showcasing some of the best films shown at the Beijing Independent Film…  Read more

on Jul 16, 2015

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