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Festivals & Events


“Shorter is Better”: Sundance Programmer Mike Plante Offers Advice on Short Film Strategy at the Sundance NEXT Festival

Frankie Shaw's Too LegitFrankie Shaw's Too Legit

A calling card to showcase proficiency and ambition, a vehicle to find resources for a larger project, or simply the most appropriate, or simply cost effective, way to tell a story, short films continue to be crucial for the development…  Read more

By Aug 23, 2016

IFP Announces Public Events for IFP Film Week


IFP’s signature event, IFP Film Week, has expanded this year to include numerous screenings, talks, meet ups, exhibitions, and tours open to the public and centered on cutting-edge independent content for the big screen, small screen and Internet. Public programs run September 17-22…  Read more

By Aug 23, 2016

Racism in Baltimore via Pest Control: Theo Anthony on Rat Film

Rat FilmRat Film

An ethnographic and sociological nonfiction horror film, Theo Anthony’s Rat Film is a free-form experience with topical relevance. Long burdened by a documented history of residential segregation, Baltimore, Maryland —  Anthony’s current place of residence — has served as a recent political…  Read more

By Aug 19, 2016

Considering the Possibilities of VR at the IFP Screen Forward Labs


[Editor’s note: this is a guest post from Taylor Cohan, the creator/director/producer/writer of the webseries Newtopia and a partcipant in this year’s IFP Screen Forward Labs.] Before the IFP Screen Forward Labs started, we received a sheet asking us to rank…  Read more

By Aug 15, 2016

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