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The Refugee Crisis: How to Help With a $9,000 Budget, a Canon 5-D Mark III and One Woman’s Incredible Story

Alexis (4)

Hamsa, a short film on the Syrian refugee crisis by first-time documentary filmmakers Caroline Spearpoint and Miriam Thom, is the focus of an event next Monday, May 2 at the IFP’s Made in New York Media Center. Hamsa: A Documentary…  Read more

By Apr 28, 2016

Sexploitation Star Kitten Natividad on Russ Meyer, Roger Ebert, Porn and the Hot Docs-premiering League of Exotique Dancers

Kitten NatividadKitten Natividad

Rama Rau’s League of Exotique Dancers is an absolutely delightful and lovingly crafted doc structured around a group of legendary striptease artists as they prepare to return to the stage for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas…  Read more

By Apr 28, 2016

Watch: Cannes Mounts Terrorism Training on the Palais’s Red Carpet

Alexis (5)

Adding an anxious frisson to the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, The Hollywood Reporter reports on the city of Cannes’ terror training exercises in advance of this year’s event. From the Hollywood Reporter: With the world’s biggest film festival only a…  Read more

By Apr 27, 2016

Tribeca 2016: Five Questions for Keep Quiet Directors Joseph Martin and Sam Blair

Csanad Szegedi and Rabbi Boruch Oberlander in Keep QuietCsanad Szegedi and Rabbi Boruch Oberlander in Keep Quiet

A role reversal so outrageous it could only be a work of nonfiction, the story of Csanad Szegedi, an infamous member of Hungary’s conservative Jobbik party, is as preposterously true as they come. A former Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, Szegedi…  Read more

By Apr 25, 2016

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