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The Tyranny of Interconnection: Two SXSW Films Tackle the Social Technology Present/Future

A Wonderful CloudA Wonderful Cloud

In a half empty hotel ballroom in Austin last week, Brian Schuster — a porn entrepreneur giving a lecture on the future of the adult industry — introduced the concept of “the social singularity,” the idea that the difference between…  Read more


“Everyone Wants to Think Their Child could be President”: Morgan Krantz on Babysitter


Writer/director Morgan Krantz’s first feature Babysitter was accepted into SXSW as a work in progress, so Krantz was working on it until the very week it premiered. “It was hot off the presses, and suddenly it was on the big…  Read more


Words and All: New Directors/New Films (II)

Photo: Matt LenskiPhoto: Matt Lenski

Hej hej JJ If doomsday scenarios compromised by persistent protagonists were the common denominator among the finest in week one of the back-loaded New Directors/New Films, the second week’s standouts hail successful rebounds. Entropy, smugness, resignation, and delusional security make way…  Read more


“An Auteur Film with Pseudo-Anonymous Dialogue”: Benjamin Crotty on Fort Buchanan

Fort BuchananFort Buchanan

A truly original oddity, Benjamin Crotty’s Fort Buchanan melds disparate tropes of American television, queer cinema, and French arthouse to comic and dazzling effect. Buchanan unfolds at the titular army base, where husbands and wives lay in waiting for their men overseas, though the wives tend to occupy…  Read more