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Take What You Can Carry Director Matthew Porterfield, Producer Zsuzsanna Kiràly and d.p. Jenny Lou Ziegel on Collaborating Outside the System in Germany

Take What You Can CarryTake What You Can Carry

With only three features under his belt, Matthew Porterfield has proven himself one of the most original voices in low-budget independent cinema, winning deserved praise from critics and audiences in both the US and Europe. Last year Porterfield made his first…  Read more


The Cooler Bandits Screening and Discussion at Columbia University on February 26

The Cooler BanditsThe Cooler Bandits

Followed by what promises to be an amazing discussion between filmmakers and subjects alike, John Lucas’s documentary The Cooler Bandits will be screened Thursday, February 26 in New York at Columbia University. The event is free and open to the…  Read more


How Do You Take a Meeting? Learn How at the IFP’s Made in New York Media Center

Anne Hubbell and Amy HobbyAnne Hubbell and Amy Hobby

There are resources to help you pitch your screenplay, and even articles for writers and directors on how to behave at a general meeting, but a broader discussion of how producers, directors and anyone else in the film business should…  Read more


Annie Sprinkle on Reuniting with Golden Era Porn Legends for CineKink’s “A Tribute to Club 90″

Club 90 Graduation (Photo: Andreas Hummel)Club 90 Graduation (Photo: Andreas Hummel)

It’s splendidly ironic that the birth of Club 90 — “the world’s first porn star support group” — occurred in 1983 at a baby shower, the ultimate celebration of sex positivity. Porn actress Veronica Hart (who may be familiar to…  Read more