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Pingyao Year Zero: A Report from China’s First Authority-Approved, Privately Operated Film Festival

Angels Wear White

Much has been written on the proliferation of film festivals over the last two decades or so. Tentacular events in whose midst commercial imperatives and nobler intentions (or alleged such) dialectically coexist, festivals can be many things, but rarely do…  Read more

By Jan 2, 2018

A Year in 17 Festivals: A Look Back at the Movies, and the Movie Theaters

The San Sebastian Film Festival

Rotterdam Film Festival The year started with my first visit to the Rotterdam Film Festival, which is once again being seen as a festival for experimental and challenging films under the auspices of Artistic Director Bero Beyer and which offers…  Read more

By Dec 29, 2017

Our Stories are True: Porto/Post/Doc 2017

Once There Was Brasilia

“The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.” opens William Gibson’s Neuromancer, set in Chiba, Japan (while generally accepted as a reference to the novelist’s home in Vancouver). A similar pall intermittently lingered over…  Read more

By Dec 27, 2017

Hawaii Rising: Creating Community at the 37th Hawaii International Film Festival

Go For Broke

A sense of optimism flowed through the 37th edition of the Hawaii International Film Festival, held over ten days in Honolulu this past November. Last year’s version may have been sucker-punched midway through thanks to the election of Donald Trump,…  Read more

By Dec 20, 2017

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