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The Death of Mr. Tarelkin: Edward Snowden on the Multi-Media Russian Stage

(Credit: Marina Ragozina)(Credit: Marina Ragozina)

Volunteers welcome you into the theater, guiding you towards your allotted place. The lights are going off slowly. As you sit down on your chair, you look ahead at the stage. It’s unlike any other stage. I was at the…  Read more


Air Raid Sirens and Israeli Bombs: The Jerusalem International Film Festival

Gett (Divorce): The Trial of Vivian AnsalemGett (Divorce): The Trial of Vivian Ansalem

Noa Regev, the new director of the Jerusalem International Film Festival, had a difficult task for her first edition. Walking a fine line between continuing with the film screenings while acknowledging “the situation,” as it is called here, wasn’t easy…  Read more


Create Your Own Kinetoscope at Thomas Edison’s Black Maria Studio


Before the projector, there was the kinetoscope. Conceptualized by Thomas Edison in 1888 and developed by William Dickson, the device provided a peephole into early moving pictures. Mono No Aware, the Brooklyn-based cinema organization, has scheduled a visit to the…  Read more


Transformers: The Asian American International Film Festival

A Time in QuchiA Time in Quchi

Over the years, many New York-based media arts organizations and the film festivals they produce have folded, or scraped by in spite of outdated approaches and rigid programming. Asian CineVision and its offspring, the Asian American International Film Festival, on…  Read more