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Festivals & Events


Canyon Cinema 50, Art of the Real and Emile de Antonio in NYC, Week of 4/27

Millhouse: A White Comedy

A few weeks ago my Twitter feed abruptly devolved into a long argument about The Canon: is it just an ossified collection of movies made by white men that should be junked? I don’t think The Canon is a fixed,…  Read more

By Apr 26, 2018

Lumpy-Throated and Teary in Nyon: Visions du Réel 2018

My Father is My Mother's Brother

So soon after Thessaloniki International Doc Fest I wasn’t expecting to be all that inspired to write about yet another festival, but an unexpected invitation saw me traveling to Nyon, Switzerland for the last few days of the 49th edition…  Read more

By Apr 24, 2018

23 Films (and Virtual Reality Works) We’re Looking Forward to at the Tribeca Film Festival

Phantom Cowboys

Well, the curtain has already risen, but I’ve yet to see a film — I’m heading to my first screening in about 90 minutes. So, it’s not too late for my annual list of movies I’m looking forward to at…  Read more

By Apr 20, 2018

Documentary in the Time of Fake News at The 21st Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

Maxim Pozdorovkin, Laura Nix, Stephen Maing and Christopher Clements (l to r)

This year’s 21st edition of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (April 5th-8th) boasted everything a doc geek would want in a top tier fest — strong selections, a nurturing southern hospitality, and many easily approachable big-name documentarians. And, as…  Read more

By Apr 19, 2018

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