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“It is Being Told Now—Because It is Supposed to Be Told Now”: Christopher Kahunahana on Waikiki and Native Hawaiian Storytelling


A film with “a seventeen-day shoot and two+ years of post-production,” Christopher Kahunahana’s long-awaited feature debut Waikiki marks a coming of age for the emerging Hawaiian filmmaking scene. The first completed narrative feature film by a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian)…  Read more

By Nov 25, 2020

Hawai’i International Film Festival 2020: Gathering Community


If there’s any film festival that could possibly benefit from this pandemic era’s new virtual normal, consider the one in the most remote major city in the world, Honolulu. (The city’s closest neighbor with a population over 500k is San…  Read more

By Nov 24, 2020

Watch: Alison Nguyen’s my favorite software is being here Online and In Person

my favorite software is being here, by Alison Ngyuen. (Installation photo: Dario Lasagni)

Artist and filmmaker Alison Nguyen — selected for Filmmaker‘s 2018 25 New Faces and a contributor to this Summer’s Pandemic Diaries — is showing new work featuring her Andra8, “a computer-generated woman based on the artist’s physicality.” As part of…  Read more

By Nov 23, 2020

“His Materials and His Letters Were Just Sitting in Boxes in the Basement of Her House”: R.J. Cutler on Belushi at DOC NYC


From the mid to late 70s John Belushi was a multimedia meteor, seemingly destined to be an inescapable part of the zeitgeist for years to come. The outsized and ubiquitous talent — original cast member on late night TV’s SNL, scene-stealing…  Read more

By Nov 13, 2020

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