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Sundance 2018 Critic’s Notebook, Day 4: Eighth Grade, Shirkers, Piercing

Eighth Grade

I suppose I should lead with Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade, one of the fest’s breakouts or something along those lines — it arrived as an A24 production with Scott Rudin as one of the producers, so clearly people were going to…  Read more

By Jan 22, 2018

A Monster Unleashed at Sundance

Frankenstein AI

I recall the first time I heard the word “Sundance” uttered. A friend had returned from the mythical mountains of Utah and, like a sage returning home from a quest, dropped a book in front of me. I scoured that…  Read more

By Jan 22, 2018

Sundance 2018 Critic’s Notebook, Day 3: Crime + Punishment, Monsters and Men, Bisbee ’17

Crime + Punishment

I’ve written before about my fondness for local news: “a fun, seemingly randomized mash-up of crimes caught on security cameras, traffic and weather updates, forced banter, cooking segments, deep concerns about marijuana use and ‘reporting’ that’s thinly veiled support for…  Read more

By Jan 21, 2018

Ask Not What Festivals Can Do For You….

Dan Mirvish at the Denver Film Festival

As filmmakers, we sometimes get so concerned with what film festivals can do for us and for our films that we forget about what our films can do for the festivals, and more importantly, for their local audiences. This year…  Read more

By Jan 21, 2018

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