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“You Run the Risk of Becoming a Brand”: Co-Writer/Co-Producer/DP/Editor James N. Kienitz Wilkins and Co-Producer Paul Dallas on Berlinale 2019 “Fake Indie” The Plagiarists

The Plagiarists

On one level, The Plagiarists is a two-part comedy about a ceaselessly fighting couple, the first half of which takes place in winter. Anna (Lucy Kaminsky) is a novelist, at least aspirationally—completion of her first novel is a ways off, so…  Read more

By Feb 14, 2019

Caryn Coleman on The Future of Film is Female’s Return to MoMA

Little Woods

With the epic nature of the #MeToo movement and the independent film community’s goals to program female voices (at Sundance 41% of features and episodic had a woman director, while 52% of shorts did) one would think there’d be progress…  Read more

By Feb 13, 2019

Sundance Film Festival 2019: Midnight Traveler, Midnight Family

Midnight Family (photo by Luke Lorentzen)

Let’s talk about empathy and documentary for a moment. A few years ago, during a slack midday period, a pair of young men made me an offer: $10 for 20 minutes of my time. This seemed fair, so I entered…  Read more

By Feb 6, 2019

Sundance Notebook, Closing Edition: Cultural Critics of Color, Art-World Horror, a Necessary Short and More


Getting off of a bus on Main Street early in the morning, I saw two men preparing a display car/advertisement for the day; one, melting ice off the hood with a giant blowdryer, the other buffing the surface for maximum…  Read more

By Feb 4, 2019

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