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Sundance 2018 Critic’s Notebook, Day 1: Our New President, Three Identical Strangers

Our New President

Two things shape my Sundance coverage this year — one purely personal, the other macro. The personal was recently reading Christian Metz’s Film Language, the kind of text normally consumed in undergrad cinema studies (not my major) but belatedly a worthwhile…  Read more

By Jan 19, 2018

25 Films We’re Excited about at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival

Spheres: Songs of Spacetime

Sundance starts tomorrow, and just before the curtain raises we’re squeaking in with a list of films our correspondents — Vadim Rizov, Meredith Alloway and myself — are excited to see. I’m about to start packing, and colleagues from other…  Read more

By Jan 17, 2018

Pingyao Year Zero: A Report from China’s First Authority-Approved, Privately Operated Film Festival

Angels Wear White

Much has been written on the proliferation of film festivals over the last two decades or so. Tentacular events in whose midst commercial imperatives and nobler intentions (or alleged such) dialectically coexist, festivals can be many things, but rarely do…  Read more

By Jan 2, 2018

A Year in 17 Festivals: A Look Back at the Movies, and the Movie Theaters

The San Sebastian Film Festival

Rotterdam Film Festival The year started with my first visit to the Rotterdam Film Festival, which is once again being seen as a festival for experimental and challenging films under the auspices of Artistic Director Bero Beyer and which offers…  Read more

By Dec 29, 2017

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