“The Biggest Goal is to Keep the Story Visually Interesting”: DP Tarin Anderson on Corporate Animals

Demi Moore in Corporate Animals

Corporate Animals gives Demi Moore a rare chance to show her comic skills. As Lucy, the awful CEO of a new company, Incredible Edibles, Moore orders her employees on a team-building exercise/retreat via a New Mexico cave. When the workers…  Read more

By Feb 5, 2019

“The Feedback Screenings were Essential”: Editor Colin Campbell on The Hole in the Ground

James Quinn Markey in The Hole in the Ground (courtesy of Sundance Institute)

The feature directorial debut from Irish filmmaker Lee Cronin, The Hole in the Ground follows the ominous goings-on after a couple and their young child move to a new cottage in rural Ireland (where their neighbors include Aki Kaurismäki regular Kati Outinen).…  Read more

By Feb 5, 2019

“Treat the Material Like a Thriller”: Editor Andrea Lewis on Where’s My Roy Cohn?

Where’s My Roy Cohn?

Acquired by Sony Pictures Classics after its premiere at Sundance, Matt Tyrnauer’s Where’s My Roy Cohn? reexamines the life and legacy of lawyer/fixer/conservative power broker Roy Cohn. Taking its title from a quote from President Donald J. Trump, Tyrnauer’s documentary draws…  Read more

By Feb 4, 2019

“Twelve Hours Later and a Few Glasses of Wine to the Good and the Sequence was Finished”: Untouchable Editor Andy Worboys


The first Harvey Weinstein documentary post-Weinsteingate, Ursula Macfarlane’s Untouchable examines the mogul’s fall through the fresh testimony of many of those he assaulted. Intended first and foremost as a work of journalism, Macfarlane’s film was edited by Andy Worboys, fresh off…  Read more

By Feb 4, 2019

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