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“My Own Sweat Would Drip Onto the Camera”: DP Ants Tammik on Smoke Sauna Sisterhood

A woman stands nude in a dark room, her face is covered by a bouquet of aromatic leaves.Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, courtesy of Sundance Institute

Women bear all in Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, the intimate documentary from Estonian filmmaker Anna Hints. While partaking in the ritualistic cleanse, a group of women divulge secrets, talk through past traumas and, above all, foster their feminine bond while sweating…  Read more

By Jan 31, 2023

“I Had To Shoot This Film as a One-Person Crew”: DP Luke Lorentzen on A Still Small Voice

A woman with her brown hair tied back looks up and to the right.A Still Small Voice, courtesy of Sundance Institute.

An aspiring chaplain named Mati navigates tragedy, grief and her own bandwidth for handling the incalculable loss of the pandemic in A Still Small Voice, the latest from documentary filmmaker Luke Lorentzen. Finishing her yearlong residency at the spiritual care…  Read more

By Jan 31, 2023

“Find Beauty and Magic in Everyday Life”: DP Carolina Costa on Fancy Dance

Two young women walk along a dirt path in a park. One wears a purple fringe jacket, a band t-shirt and black bike shorts with checkered vans. The other wears a sleeveless red t-shirt, black jeans and sandals.Fancy Dance by Erica Tremblay, courtesy of Sundance Institute.

Since the disappearance of her sister, Jax (Lily Gladstone) has been taking care of her niece Roki (Isabel Deroy-Olson), both of them desperately hoping for her return. When she’s been officially declared “missing” for two weeks, CPS shows up at…  Read more

By Jan 29, 2023

“In Hybrid Documentaries, the Classic Rules of the Game Do Not Always Work”: DP Andrii Kotliar on Iron Butterflies

A child's hands are shot in a black and white photograph.Iron Butterflies,courtesy of Sundance Institute.

In Iron Butterflies, the hybrid doc from director Roman Liubyi, the political ramifications of  Malaysia Airlines Flight 17—which was shot down by Russian forces as it was passing over eastern Ukraine—are unraveled and contextualized within broader global events. DP Andrii…  Read more

By Jan 29, 2023

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