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“Annoying, Finicky Placement Stuff”: DP Jody Lee Lipes on Shooting Two Rachel Weiszs for Dead Ringers

Jody Lee Lipes on the set of Dead RingersJody Lee Lipes on the set of Dead Ringers

Cinematographer Jody Lee Lipes says that shooting an actor playing twins is like learning a new filmmaking language. By now, he’s fluent. Lipes lensed all six episodes of the 2020 HBO miniseries I Know This Much Is True, with Mark…  Read more

By May 31, 2023

Cannes 2023: Sean Price Williams and Nick Pinkerton on The Sweet East

Jacob Elordi and Talia Ryder inThe Sweet EastJacob Elordi and Talia Ryder in The Sweet East

America’s fraught political present meets the less savory corners of cinema’s past in The Sweet East, the first feature directed by celebrated cinematographer Sean Price Williams. Penned with typically acerbic wit by film critic Nick Pinkerton, The Sweet East stars…  Read more

By May 27, 2023

When the Fungus Catches the Light: DP Karim Hussain on Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

With Antiviral, Possessor and Infinity Pool, filmmaker Brandon Cronenberg has expeditiously carved out a distinct, experimental aesthetic for his work. However, he has followed in the footsteps of his legendary father David in one respect—forging a lasting alliance with his…  Read more

By May 26, 2023

“A Shifting Metaphor for a Lost Dream of Society”: Srđan Keča on The Museum of the Revolution

An elderly woman with white hair tied back in a bun stares to her right. She is illuminated only by the light of a fire that exists out of frame; her surroundings are pitch-black.A still from Museum of the Revolution

Investigating the death of a utopian vision coalesces with a survey of a “developing” dystopian hellscape in Museum of the Revolution, the sprawling, meditative effort from filmmaker, researcher and educator Srđan Keča. Through a series of charming vignettes that are…  Read more

By May 19, 2023

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