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Flipping the Script: Mary Harron Interviews Radha Blank About Her Spirited and Wise New York Comedy, The Forty-Year-Old Version

Radha Blank in The 40-Year-Old Version (Photo courtesy of Jeong Park/Netflix)

In Radha Blank’s witty and winning feature debut, The Forty-Year-Old Version, the writer/director adopts a semiautobiographical persona: a hardworking middle-aged playwright and high school teacher who, between hustles to get her latest play produced and after the death of her…  Read more

By Oct 28, 2020

“The Camera Gives Me Permission to Feel the Things I’m Always Pushing Down”: Writer, Director and Actor Cooper Raiff on Shithouse


Shithouse, Cooper Raiff’s profanely-titled first feature, chronicles an inspired romance between two young souls on disparate higher education voyages. Told with real insight about college-age characters and their flawed relationships, the picture earned 23-year-old Raiff—a softhearted wunderkind who wrote, directed and starred…  Read more

By Oct 21, 2020

Back to One, Episode 127: Harry Melling

Some actors steal scenes, Harry Melling’s scenes steal movies. The limb-less thespian in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, the sinister Zuckerberg-like villain in The Old Guard, and now the “spider preacher” Roy Laferty in The Devil All The Time are…  Read more

By Sep 22, 2020

The Next Day: Writer/Director Amy Seimetz and Actress Kate Sheil on the Eerie, Darkly Comic Anxiety Dream of She Dies Tomorrow

KateLyn Sheil in She Dies Tomorrow (Photo by Jay Keitel)

“It’s so great that you own a house,” biologist Jane (Jane Adams) says to sister Amy (Kate Lyn Sheil) by phone early in Amy Seimetz’s trippy drama of psychological contagion, She Dies Tomorrow. “This is the best thing you could…  Read more

By Jul 7, 2020

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