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Into the Spotlight: Bradley Cooper on A Star is Born, Consulting with Terrence Malick and Shooting his First Feature in 42 Days

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star is Born

Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut, A Star is Born, is the kind of movie that feels as though it contains decades’ worth of saved-up ideas and feelings, yet never strains under the weight of its ambition. It’s simultaneously sweeping in its…  Read more

By Sep 17, 2018

What Keeps You Alive‘s Colin Minihan and Brittany Allen on Their Survive-the-Night Serial Killer Grinder

Film directors casting their significant others is a trend as old as film itself, but Colin Minihan and Brittany Allen are different. They met when he cast her in his 2014 alien invasion pic Extraterrestrial. Not only did they start…  Read more

By Aug 30, 2018

John Cho Talks About the Challenges of Acting in Searching, the Importance of Eye Contact, and Shooting from the Hip

John Cho is perhaps best known for playing Sulu in the Star Trek reboots and Harold in the Harold and Kumar films. His new movie Searching takes place entirely on computer screens. Cho’s performance is one of the reasons why…  Read more

By Aug 28, 2018

We the Animals Star Raúl Castillo on Embodying Toxic Masculinity, His Theater Roots and Owning Your Space as an Actor

Photo: Stephanie Diana

His portrayal of “Richie” on the HBO series Looking brought Raúl Castillo some serious recognition and started moving him into bigger and better parts. One such role is “Pops” in the astonishing queer coming-of-age film We The Animals (in theaters…  Read more

By Aug 21, 2018

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