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“Nine Pages a Day of Heavy Dialogue”: Bob Byington and David Krumholtz on Lousy Carter

A man sits in a doctor's office's waiting room in front of a poster urging testing.David Krumholtz in Lousy Carter

In 2012, Bob Byington won a Special Jury Prize at the Locarno Film Festival for Somebody Up There Likes Me; last year, he returned with Lousy Carter. Writing about the festival, I said of the film: Introducing Bob Byington’s Lousy…  Read more

By Mar 28, 2024

Forgive My Laughter: Vera Drew on The People’s Joker

A woman in a green wig and tights dances down a stairwell.Vera Drew in The People's Joker

The following interview with The People’s Joker writer, director and star, Vera Drew, appears in Filmmaker issue #126 and now appears online as the film receives its U.S. theatrical release from Altered Innocence.  Just as The People’s Joker was preparing…  Read more

By Mar 18, 2024

“The Experience of Being an Outsider Is a Universal One”: River Gallo and Esteban Arango on Ponyboi

A man leans over a femme-presenting person's shoulder. They gaze into each other's eyes.Ponyboi, courtesy of Sundance Institute.

On a dreary Valentine’s Day in New Jersey during the early aughts, intersex laundromat employee and sex worker Ponyboi (River Gallo) finds themselves embroiled in a bungled drug deal. Estranged from his family and afraid of coming clean to his…  Read more

By Jan 20, 2024

“The Millennial Decline That’s Taking Place in the Present Moment”: Theda Hammel on Stress Positions

A white man with wet hair leans out of a window on a bright day.John Early in Stress Positions

Premiering in the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, Stress Positions—the feature debut from writer, director and star Theda Hammel—takes place during the not-so-distant summer of 2020. While this setting immediately evokes recollections of quarantine, protest movements…  Read more

By Jan 19, 2024

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