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Funny Face (courtesy of Gravitas Ventures)

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By Apr 8, 2021

“Fish is Expensive to Keep Purchasing and Replacing”: Emma Seligman on Shiva Baby

Fred Melamed, Rachel Sennott and Polly Draper in Shiva Baby

From its double-entendre title to the hilarious sightgag of a closing scene, Emma Seligman’s debut feature, Shiva Baby, is universal in its uncomfortable awkwardness and specific in how it chooses to bathe in it. Adapted and expanded from her NYU…  Read more

By Apr 5, 2021

“The Script Had to be Drunk — Drunk Alongside the Characters”: Director Thomas Vinterberg on Balancing Humor and Sadness In His Unexpectedly Life-Affirming Another Round

Another Round

A besotted cinematic sub-genre consists of films about drinking — liquor, bars and the imbiber’s life. Whether the lives portrayed are rowdy and boisterous ones, or, as is often the case, destructively out-of-control, these films — ranging from Days of…  Read more

By Mar 31, 2021

Shot Reverse Shot: The Inheritance Director Ephraim Asili in Conversation with Residue Director Merawi Gerima (Part Two)

Aurielle Akerele in The Inheritance

(Click here to read part one of Gerima and Asili’s conversation.) Gerima: Since we’re talking about the realities of Black cinema: when you don’t have time or money, a lot of times rehearsal plays an important part. I wanted to…  Read more

By Mar 11, 2021

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