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Braking and Entering: Director David Cronenberg on His Austere and Unnerving J.G. Ballard Adaptation, Crash

James Spader in Crash (Photo: Criterion)

The following interview with David Cronenberg about his film Crash originally appeared as the cover story of Filmmaker‘s Winter, 1997 edition. With Crash having just been rereleased in a new restoration by Criterion, it is being republished online for the…  Read more

By Jan 5, 2021

“What Does It Mean When We’re Working in 360?”: Kornél Mundruczó and Kata Wéber on Pieces of a Woman

Molly Parker and Vanessa Kirby in Pieces of a Woman (Photo: Benjamin Loeb/Netflix)

While the arrival of a newborn child can strengthen a couple’s relationship, the loss of one can accentuate fissures that were already there. Hungarian filmmaker Kornél Mundruczó’s Pieces of a Woman is an emotionally high-pitched study of the PTSD that results…  Read more

By Jan 5, 2021

“Almost the Entire Movie is Shot on Steadicam but You’d Never Know It”: John Patrick Shanley on Wild Mountain Thyme

Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan in Wild Mountain Thyme

As a writer (Moonstruck) and director (Joe Versus the Volcano), John Patrick Shanley has created some of the funniest, most compassionate, and original romantic comedies of the past 35 years, which makes his return to the genre with Wild Mountain…  Read more

By Dec 16, 2020

Crime Family

Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger and Evan Rachel Wood in Kajillionaire (Photo courtesy of Matt Kennedy/Focus Features)

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By Oct 28, 2020

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