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“There’s Political Relevance to Melodrama”: Karim Aïnouz on His Lush Tropical Tale of Sisterhood, Invisible Life

Invisible Life

Greenery abounds in Brazilian auteur Karim Aïnouz’s affecting and bright-colored sisterhood saga Invisible Life. Based on Martha Batalha’s 2016 novel, it chronicles the forced disconnection between siblings Eurídice (Carol Duarte) and Guida (Julia Stockler), whose hearts break with each passing…  Read more

By Dec 21, 2019

“All These Other Misogynists Waiting to Pounce”: Sophia Takal on Black Christmas

Black Christmas

Rotely obsessed with heroic Final Girls and the murderers brandishing phallic-shaped penetrative weapons who stalk them, slasher films have long been the subject of gender-study discourse and academia, each observation proving that a knife can be perceived as more than…  Read more

By Dec 18, 2019

“Something with Your Therapist”: Noah Baumbach on Marriage Story

Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in Marriage Story

Marriage Story depicts the love two people can find in separation. It is not a rekindling, it is stepping back to respect the boundaries you crossed in your strangling embrace. The original love hardens. It dies and returns as something…  Read more

By Dec 13, 2019

Commodity Fetishism

Fatma Mohamed in In Fabric (courtesy of A24)

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By Dec 10, 2019

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