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Cutting Costs in Black and White: Phạm Ngọc Lân ơn Cu Li Never Cries

A middle-aged woman dances with a younger man who has a primate on his left shoulder.Cu Li Never Cries

Unfolding in a Hanoi of twisting alleyways and cramped apartments, Cu Li Never Cries follows a half-dozen intertwined characters whose lives are in upheaval. Mrs. Nguyện (Minh Châu), a widow, has been gifted with a pet slow cu li, a…  Read more

By Apr 8, 2024

“Nine Pages a Day of Heavy Dialogue”: Bob Byington and David Krumholtz on Lousy Carter

A man sits in a doctor's office's waiting room in front of a poster urging testing.David Krumholtz in Lousy Carter

In 2012, Bob Byington won a Special Jury Prize at the Locarno Film Festival for Somebody Up There Likes Me; last year, he returned with Lousy Carter. Writing about the festival, I said of the film: Introducing Bob Byington’s Lousy…  Read more

By Mar 28, 2024

“We Go from 16mm to Super 16 to 35mm”: Alice Rohrwacher on La Chimera

A group of men huddle around a dirt digging site on a sunny afternoon by a beach.Melchiorre Pala, Josh O'Connor and Vincenzo Nemolato in La Chimera, courtesy of NEON

Italian filmmaker Alice Rorhwacher’s puckish and scintillatingly tactile fourth feature is her most ambitious to date. Once again dramatizing the conflicting ideals of modernity and tradition, past and present, Rohrwacher continues to pay debt to forebears of Italian cinema like…  Read more

By Mar 27, 2024

“It’s a Confusing World That We Inhabit”: Ryan Martin Brown on Free Time

A white man with a mustache smirks at the back of a crowded room.Colin Burgess in Free Time

In Free Time, writer-director-producer Ryan Martin Brown’s debut feature, directionless office drone Drew (comedian Colin Burgess) decides to quit his job. After all, the position is hardly fulfilling (nor is he particularly gifted at it), and why spend all day…  Read more

By Mar 22, 2024

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