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“A Black and White Movie in a Stupid Aspect Ratio”: Robert Eggers on The Lighthouse

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse

Eulogized debuts draw ravenous, patient cynics, who stalk the scent of a fledgling’s success to their second movie, hoping their foe might slip. Robert Eggers, a name of contention after headlines announced he would remake Nosferatu (TBD) before his Sundance…  Read more

By Oct 18, 2019

“It Doesn’t Make Sense to Explain Anything”: Angela Schanelec on I Was at Home, But… and Robert Bresson

Maren Eggert in I Was at Home, But...

The first time I saw Angela Schanelec speak, there was nothing for her to smile about: at a cartoonishly hostile Q&A for 2016’s The Dreamed Path, she fielded questions like “Was this supposed to take place in an alternate universe…  Read more

By Oct 2, 2019

The Soul that Remains: Paul Harrill on Light from Light

Marin Ireland in Light From Light

Paul Harrill’s Tennessee-set Light from Light, which premiered this year at Sundance, stars Marin Ireland as a paranormal investigator who may or may not believe in ghosts and Jim Gaffigan as a recent widower who still feels his wife’s presence…  Read more

By Sep 4, 2019

Made For These Times: Ulrich Köhler on In My Room

Hans Löw in In My Room

Ulrich Köhler’s In My Room begins with what looks like a DCP glitch. The view is from a handheld news camera entering a press conference scrum, its operator confirming in voiceover that he’s rolling while roaming from lectern to lectern.…  Read more

By Sep 4, 2019

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