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“Oh No, Now It Will Be The Pink COVID”: Writer-Director Iuli Gerbase on the Inadvertently Prescient The Pink Cloud 

Renata de Lélis in The Pink CloudRenata de Lélis in The Pink Cloud

“This film was written in 2017 and shot in 2019,” reads a title card at the very beginning of Brazilian writer-director Iuli Gerbase’s debut feature The Pink Cloud. “Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental.”  As the film’s plot…  Read more

By Jan 14, 2022

“Ultimately, the Solution Isn’t There Until the Pressure Has Been Lifted”: Youngstown Director Pete Ohs on Microbudget Filmmaking and the Benefit of Being One’s Own Crew


As pre-production was ramping up on his first narrative feature, the pressure to find the perfect shooting location was weighing on Pete Ohs. While he and co-director Andrea Sisson eventually shot the film several hours outside LA — Everything Beautiful…  Read more

By Dec 29, 2021

“Embracing the Male Gaze”: Sean Baker on Red Rocket

Brenda Deiss, Simon Rex and Bree Elrod in Red Rocket (courtesy of A24)Brenda Deiss, Simon Rex and Bree Elrod in Red Rocket (courtesy of A24)

Red Rocket throws a curveball to viewers who think they know what to expect from a Sean Baker movie. There are surface commonalities connecting it to his previous works—docu-realistic stylings, detailed worldbuilding and the centering of marginalized communities. Yet, unlike…  Read more

By Dec 9, 2021

“I Had the Will and the Emotional Momentum… the Movie was Hyper-Topical, Being Made Basically in Real Time”: Dasha Nekrasova on Her Jeffrey Epstein Horror Film, The Scary of Sixty-First

Dasha Nekrasova in "The Scary of 61st"Dasha Nekrasova on the set of The Scary of Sixty-First (Photo: Utopia)

Dasha Nekrasova wanted all the exteriors in her directorial debut to have the ambience of Christmas in New York. First up: leering gargoyles lining the 15-foot front door of Jeffrey Epstein’s Upper East Side apartment building. Clearly, Nekrasova doesn’t share…  Read more

By Dec 2, 2021

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