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Fluid(s) Filmmaking: Lance Oppenheim and Daniel Garber on Spermworld

Two people, visible in silhouette, sit in a blue-and-purple-lit room.Spermworld (courtesy of FX)

Like Lance Oppenheim‘s first feature, 2020’s Some Kind of Heaven, his follow-up Spermworld follows three nonfiction protagonists through a niche American context. Heaven focused on three residents of The Villages, a retirement community in Florida that’s the largest in the world,…  Read more

By Mar 29, 2024

A Conversation with Luke Lorentzen from Mary Lampson’s The Cutting Room (A Work in Progress)

A woman in a black top and pink pants holds her face in despair in a deserted hallway.Margaret Engel in A Still Small Voice

The following conversation is an excerpted chapter from The Cutting Room, an upcoming book by documentary film editor Mary Lampson tracing the story of a woman building a life and career as an editor in an industry hostile to both women…  Read more

By Mar 25, 2024

“I Want All The Lesbian Experiences I Can See On Film”: Tricia Cooke on Drive-Away Dolls

A woman and man, both wearing face masks, watch a monitor on-set.Tricia Cooke and Ethan Coen on the set of Drive-Away Dolls

Directed by and co-written with collaborator and husband, Ethan Coen, filmmaker and editor Tricia Cooke’ Drive Away Dolls (or Dykes, per the end credits) finds her doing sapphic donuts around classic movies like Kiss Me Deadly and even a little…  Read more

By Feb 27, 2024

“Establishing the Idea of Ending Scenes Abruptly…”: Editor Greg Jardin on It’s What’s Inside

A woman bathed in purple light looks into a broken mirrorAlycia Debnam-Carey appears in It’s What’s Inside by Greg Jardin. Photo Courtesy of Sundance Institute.

In the Sundance 2024 Midnight premiere It’s What’s Inside, the feature debut of writer-director Greg Jardin, an uninvited guest with a mysterious suitcase derails a pre-wedding party. Below, Jardin discusses what led him to edit his own film, the balance…  Read more

By Jan 31, 2024

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