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Editor Duwayne Dunham on Collaborating with David Lynch on Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks: The Return

Five years after the Music Box Theatre’s previous David Lynch retrospective coincided with the television premiere of the highly anticipated Twin Peaks: The Return, the Chicago-based arthouse now presents David Lynch: A Complete Retrospective – The Return, a week-long celebration…  Read more

By Apr 12, 2022

39 Shooting Days and One Year of Editing: James Vaughan on Friends and Strangers

Fergus Wilson and Greg Zimbulis in Friends and StrangersFergus Wilson and Greg Zimbulis in Friends an Strangers

Acquaintances Ray (Fergus Wilson) and Alice (Emma Diaz) bump into each other in Brisbane, discover they’re both about to drive back to Sydney and decide to stop along the way for a night of camping—one of the first of many…  Read more

By Feb 25, 2022

“There Are Sequences That Still Make Me Shudder”: Editor David Pelegrín on Piggy

Still from PiggyStill from Piggy. (Photo: Jorge Fuembuena)

Piggy‘s protagonist, Sara, is a victim of intense bullying who one day watches as an unknown man kidnaps her tormenters. When the police begin to investigate, Sara remains silent, and as the film continues her relationship to the unknown man,…  Read more

By Jan 24, 2022

“The Problem Is Getting More and More Urgent”: Editor David Cohen on The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales

Still from The American Dream and Other Fairy TalesStill from The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales

Abigail E. Disney, the granddaughter of Walt Disney Company co-founder Roy O. Disney, has spoken out against the treatment of Disney employees and the compensation of Disney executives in the past; with The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales, she and…  Read more

By Jan 24, 2022

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