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A Matter of Balance

Darrel Britt-Gibson, Daniel Kaluuya and Lakeith Stanfield in Judas and the Black Messiah (Photo by Glen Wilson/courtesy of Warner Bros.)

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By Feb 10, 2021

“A Very Sculptural Process”: Editors Natalia Almada and Dave Cerf on Users


Natalia Almada’s Users is an inquisition on technology and its inextricable nature from modern life. Juxtaposed against Californian wildfires and oceans on the rise, the film questions what progress means when we sacrifice so much in the process. Almada, alongside her…  Read more

By Feb 3, 2021

“The Whole Story Through the Protagonist’s Eyes”: Enis Saraçi on Hive


Blerta Basholli’s Hive explores macro gender dynamics in her home country of Kosovo. Among a league of women awaiting news of their husbands, fathers and sons’ fates in the Kosovo War, Fahrije practices self-reliance and encourages other women to seek…  Read more

By Feb 3, 2021

“The Film Is Quite Literally Magic and Realism”: Editor Cyndi Trissel on Marvelous and the Black Hole

Marvelous and the Black Hole

Kate Tsang’s debut film Marvelous and the Black Hole follows thirteen-year-old Sammy Ko (Miya Cech), who struggles with delinquency shortly after the death of her mother. After meeting Margot (Rhea Perlman), a magician dead set on taking Sammy as her assistant,…  Read more

By Feb 3, 2021

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