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“Filming a Period Piece in London is Difficult”: DP John Conroy on Yardie


For Idris Elba’s feature directorial debut Yardie, cinematographer John Conroy was tasked with recreating a period environment in both England and Jamaica. Opening with a raucous party scene, Yardie travels through a world of Jamaican drug gangs over the ’70s and ’80s.…  Read more

By Feb 1, 2018

“Getting Five Different Looks From One Room”: DP Yamit Shimonovitz on Half the Picture

Half the Picture

Amy Adion’s documentary debut is on a topical subject: what’s to account for the grossly small percentage of female film directors? DP Yamit Shimonovitz was one of two DPs working to capture insights from figures including Penelope Spheeris, Brave co-director Brenda…  Read more

By Jan 31, 2018

“I Shot This Film Under Dangerous Circumstances”: DP Bernadett Tuza-Ritter on A Woman Captured

A Woman Captured

To capture the story of a Hungarian woman acting as an unpaid servant in cruel captivity for over a decade, Bernadett Tuza-Ritter simply had no choice but to act as her own DP. A Woman Captured, which premiered at IDFA before…  Read more

By Jan 30, 2018

“Lighting for Three Different Angles at the Same Time”: DP Jasper J. Spanning on The Guilty

The Guilty

Winner of this year’s World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award, Gustav Möller’s The Guilty is a one-set thriller tracking a police emergency dispatcher (Jakob Cedergren) as he attempts to thwart a kidnapping in real time. A phone call from a woman being abducted…  Read more

By Jan 30, 2018

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