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“I Think Hope is When We Step out of the Cinema and Begin to Question Ourselves”: Director Andrew Dosunmu on his Michelle Pfeiffer-Starring Where is Kyra?

Where is Kyra?

In his previous two features, Restless City and Mother of George, Nigeria-born photographer-turned-filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu has placed vivid human dramas within ultra-specific pockets of New York City. His films have examined how immigrant characters find their lives shaped by the…  Read more

By Apr 6, 2018

“We Made a Cult that People Might Have Wanted to Join”: Five Questions for The Endless Directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

Justin Benson (left) and Aaron Moorhead in The Endless

Offering a blend of psychological seduction and physical threat, cults have provided charged settings for a number of recent movies, both fiction and doc. But The Endless, the latest feature from innovative independent genre filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead,…  Read more

By Apr 6, 2018

“It Was Important to Me Not to Fetishize a Classic Vision But to Look to the Present for Inspiration”: Director Aaron Katz on his L.A. Neo-Noir, Gemini


His fifth feature, and the first following his co-directed (with Martha Stephens) breakthough comedy Land Ho!, Gemini returns writer/director Aaron Katz to the character-based neo-noir of his earlier Cold Weather but with the cloudy Portland grays of that film replaced…  Read more

By Mar 31, 2018

“I’m Finishing My Bathtub of Whiskey”: Arnaud Desplechin on Ismael’s Ghosts

Mathieu Amalric and Marion Colliard in Ismael's Ghosts

In 2014’s My Golden Days, Arnaud Desplechin revisited the childhood of Ivan Dedalus, brother of the anchoring protagonist of his 1996 breakthrough My Sex Life… or How I Got Into an Argument. With Ismael’s Ghosts, Desplechin continues toying with  the Dedalus brothers —…  Read more

By Mar 30, 2018

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