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  • Aidan Gillen is Still “Fishing From The Ether”: Back To One, Episode 266

    Aidan Gillen returns to the podcast (first time: Episode 40). You know him from some of the most beloved shows of the century: Game of Thrones, The Wire, Peaky Blinders, to name a few. Now he stars in the Irish neo-noir film Barber, where he plays a private investigator hired by a wealthy widow to find her missing granddaughter. He talks about why he doesn’t look at the lines until the day before shooting, how his latest venture on the stage affected his work, why he still doesn’t like rehearsal for film, what bothers him about an “actor-centric” production, and…  Read more

    On Sep 19, 2023
    By on Sep 19, 2023 Columns
  • “If We’re All Gonna Die…Then Why Wouldn’t You Take a Risk as an Artist?” Onur Tukel (Back To One, Episode 265)

    Onur Tukel is a boldly independent writer-director-actor who, for more than a decade, has been making cutting edge comedies in New York City that sometimes land in the horror category, sometimes social satire, are often absurd, mostly hilarious and always thoughtful—Catfight, Applesauce, Summer of Blood, The Misogynists, Scenes From An Empty Church, to name just a few. His latest, Poundcake, about a serial killer who only targets straight white men, is maybe his boldest yet, which says a lot. In this hour, he talks about his reluctant approach toward acting in his own films, the ways he has navigated low…  Read more

    On Aug 29, 2023
    By on Aug 29, 2023 Actors
  • A headshot of actor Ron Cephas Jones “You Are Enough”: Ron Cehpas Jones on Back To One (Expanded Re-Release)

    The great actor of the stage and screen, Ron Cephas Jones died on August 19, 2023, at the age of 66. On this episode from 2020, he details the value of a true collaborative relationship with the director, why the script never leaves his side in preproduction, talks about what it was like to slowly build “William” on This Is Us through many seasons of that show, and takes us back to his early days at LAByrinth theater in New York City to explain how Philip Seymour Hoffman forever changed his approach to work, plus much more! This is an expanded version…  Read more

    On Aug 22, 2023
    By on Aug 22, 2023 Actors
  • Actors Michael Cera, Sophia Lillis, and Hannah Gross from the film The Adults. The Adults Special Episode with Michael Cera, Sophia Lillis and Hannah Gross (Back To One, Episode 263)

    These interviews were recorded prior to the SAG/AFTRA strike, in June 2023, as part of the Tribeca Festival.  On this special episode of Back To One, actors Sophia Lillis, Hannah Gross and Michael Cera talk about their work in writer/director Dustin Guy Defa’s wonderful new film The Adults. We get a glimpse into each of their general preparation processes before doing a deep dive into their work on this actor-centric production. They each talk about how they built the reality of their complex sibling relationship, why the songs and dances that play such a big part in their characters’ past feel…  Read more

    On Aug 15, 2023
    By on Aug 15, 2023 Actors
  • “How Many Times Do I Have To Get Lucky To Survive?” Strike: A Special Episode of Back To One

    On this special episode, I visit the picket line at each of the four SAG/AFTRA strike sites in New York City, in one continuous, unbroken audio “take.” Actors Michael Gaston, Clarissa Thibeaux, and others talk to me about what’s at stake, and en route to each location I share my own thoughts on the issues at hand, make some predictions, voice concerns, and offer up my total and complete solidarity to the cause, all supported by the loud and never-ending symphony of the New York City streets! Get ready for the strangest, but definitely most sonic-rich, episode of this podcast…  Read more

    On Aug 8, 2023
    By on Aug 8, 2023 Actors
  • A photo of actress Dierdre Friel wearing a bright yellow dress with dramatic bell sleeves. Back To One, Episode 261: Dierdre Friel

    This episode was recorded prior to the SAG/AFTRA strike. Dierdre Friel always finds a way to ground her characters in such a deep reality that you feel like they aren’t written at all, just simply among the living. Two examples of this can be found in “Ella” on New Amsterdam, and “Greta” on Physical, the Apple TV+ hit that enters its third season on August 2nd. On this episode, she details the helpful exercise of laying out the similarities she shares with the character and using Meisner’s “what if” when the differences outweigh them. She talks about her amazing experience training…  Read more

    On Aug 1, 2023
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  • “What I Long For in My Work is Self Revelation”: Chris Messina (Back To One, Episode 260)

    Chris Messina is that rare character actor leading man who is the go-to supporting actor in seemingly everything. From The Mindy Project and Newsroom, to She Dies Tomorrow and I Care A Lot, he handles ultra-serious roles (like in Blame, which I loved) or uproarious ones (such as in this year’s hit Air) with what seems like effortlessness, and now he’s starring in the new series Based on a True Story with Kaley Cuoco. In this hour, he generously takes us on an extended tour of his process. He talks about learning to “experience” rather than “act,” why the thought…  Read more

    On Jul 3, 2023
    By on Jul 3, 2023 Columns
  • Headshot of actor Dave Burd. “With the Acting, It’s the One Thing That I Just Don’t Have Time To Prepare For; And I Think It Serves Me Well”: Dave Burd (Back To One, Episode 259)

    Dave Burd, known by his stage name Lil Dicky, is a multi-platinum rapper, comedian and actor. For three seasons now, he has been the co-creator, executive producer, writer and star of the critically acclaimed comedy series, Dave. In this hour, he takes us from the beginning, being the laugh machine for his friends, through the discovery of his musical talent and the viral comedy video years, and finding his happy place in pitch meetings, convincing the money people that he could not just make a good TV show, that’s easy, but maybe one of the great shows of all time. He talks about…  Read more

    On Jun 26, 2023
    By on Jun 26, 2023 Actors
  • A still of actor Jon Hamm in Maggie Moore(s). “Part of What We Do as Actors Is Give It Up”: Jon Hamm (Back To One, Episode 258)

    Few television show characters are more iconic than Mad Men’s Don Draper. Jon Hamm played him for 7 seasons and just might have changed television forever. Since then Hamm has ventured into film and exercised his funny muscles. Last year’s Confess, Fletch was a wonderful example of what Hamm can do with good material, and so is his latest, Maggie Moore(s), directed by his friend (and Mad Men co-star) John Slattery.  In this episode, he talks about how Slattery worked with him to establish the very specific tone of that film, and what he needs from a director in general. He details how his previous television…  Read more

    On Jun 20, 2023
    By on Jun 20, 2023 Actors
  • An image of actor and filmmaker Mark Duplass, who wears a beige t-shirt, grey hoodie and scowls while looking off to the side. “I’m the Little Boy Believing That There’s a Pony in a Pile of Shit”: Mark Duplass (Back To One, Episode 257)

    Mark Duplass is the living patron saint of the indie filmmaker. Honest, simple, modest, positive, affirming about the work, Duplass, first with his brother Jay and now on his own, has become a household name in the film world for producing projects in a DIY style foregrounding authenticity, improvisational humor, and human connection. As an actor, both in his own productions and also series like The Morning Show, he finds a way to keep that homegrown genuineness alive in front of the camera. His latest film, Biosphere, which he co-wrote with director Mel Eslyn, is a true two-hander (with the wonderful Sterling…  Read more

    On Jun 13, 2023
    By on Jun 13, 2023 Actors
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