Why I Spent Months Making An Archival Documentary about The Slenderman

A Self-Induced Hallucination

When I was thirteen years old I spent a good deal of my free time posting on an online message board dedicated to Wes Craven’s Scream film series. I was a nerdy, creative kid stuck in suburbia, and I’d stay…  Read more

By Jun 19, 2018

Back to One: Actor Glen Powell on Developing His Process and Starring in the Netflix Comedy, Set it Up

Glen Powell gives me hope for the future of the movie industry. He crushed the role of legendary astronaut John Glenn in Hidden Figures and donned some ’80s duds in Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some, but he really grabbed my…  Read more

By Jun 19, 2018

“There Is a Reverence On Set When the Camera is Spitting Film Through its Gate.”: DP Darran Tiernan on Westworld, Season Two

Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton in Westworld (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)

When I interviewed cinematographer Paul Cameron about his work on the Westworld pilot, he likened the show’s mechanical hosts to the workers on set. “By the end of the day, half the hosts have been shot up and need to…  Read more

By Jun 14, 2018

Back to One: Back to the Future Actor and The Year of Spectacular Men Director Lea Thompson on How Actors Need to be “Director-Proof”

Photo: Ray Garcia

Lea Thompson has a lot of wisdom to share. Her work as an actor spans three decades with hit films like the Back To The Future trilogy and Some Kind of Wonderful to successful television shows like Caroline in the…  Read more

By Jun 12, 2018

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