A Publication Message: Filmmaker‘s Summer 2020 Issue Will be Digital and Free for Subscribers

We’ve been wanting to publish this news regarding Filmmaker‘s Summer, 2020 issue for the last week, but we haven’t wanted to take space in your feeds while energies and attention have needed to be directed towards protests and the Black…  Read more

By Jun 5, 2020

Back to One, Episode 110: Peter Friedman

In these last 10 years, stage and screen veteran Peter Friedman has enjoyed a steady flow of work, more than the first 30 years of his career. Recently, he got raves for his Polonius in Sam Gold’s production of Hamlet…  Read more

By Jun 3, 2020

Back to One, Episode 109: Brian Cox

He was an acting legend before Succession, but Brian Cox’s brilliant portrayal of Logan Roy on the smash hit HBO series just might put him in the pantheon. He gets deep into the psychology of that iconic character on this…  Read more

By May 26, 2020

From the Filmmaker Newsletter: The Role of Insurance in Restarting Production Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Each Friday, Filmmaker sends out a free newsletter containing an original Editor’s Letter as well as news of film openings, events, etc. (the latter mostly streaming and online, these days). The Editor’s Letters usually aren’t posted online, but here’s last…  Read more

By May 14, 2020

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