“My Best Ability, In Terms of Acting, Is To Know Everything About My Character.” Dylan Baker, Back To One Episode, 287

Dylan Baker is the definition of a consummate actor. For over three decades he has delivered so many incredible performances in series like The Good Wife, Damages, Hunters, films like Happiness, Selma, Spider-Man 2, and his latest, LaRoy, Texas, where…  Read more

By Apr 16, 2024

“Congratulations, That Shot was Terrible”: DP Matthew Temple on Late Night with the Devil

Laura Gordon, Ingrid Torelli, David Dastmalchian, and Ian Bliss in Late Night with the Devil

I typically have two problems with found footage horror movies. First, it’s often hard to believe the characters wouldn’t simply drop their cameras once the body count begins. Just as the haunted house movie must present a sufficiently logical reason…  Read more

By Apr 11, 2024

“Every Character We Play, Every Story We’re a Part Of, There’s a Beautiful Thing to Take From It”: Brandon Scott, Back To One, Episode 286

His work in series like Grey’s Anatomy, 13 Reasons Why, and This Is Us, has established Brandon Scott as a captivatingly talented actor. His latest is the new MAX series The Girls on the Bus, where he plays the jilted…  Read more

By Apr 9, 2024

“We Accidentally Did Everything Wrong, But It’s Starting to Work”: Dad & Step-Dad Stars Colin Burgess and Anthony Oberbeck, Back To One, Episode 285

Colin Burgess and Anthony Oberbeck star in Dad & Step-Dad, an independent comedy film they co-wrote with director Tynan DeLong. It follows Jim and Dave, a dad and a step-dad, as they struggle with bonding during a weekend upstate with…  Read more

By Apr 2, 2024

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