“What’s the Ripple Effect?… It Was the Most Complicated Script I’ve Ever Shot”: David Barrett on Directing the Time Loop Episode of Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery (Courtesy: CBS Interactive)

A couple years ago, I was in a hotel room flipping channels when I came across an episode of the popular CBS series Blue Bloods, an ensemble family drama in the form of a procedural anchored by Tom Selleck. I…  Read more

By Feb 14, 2018

“Everybody Can Make Their Money Back and You Get to Make the Movie”: Mark Pellington on Nostalgia

Jon Hamm in Nostalgia

Director Mark Pellington has long been one of the American cinema’s foremost chroniclers of the connection between mortality, memory, and identity; questions related to how we define ourselves in life and how those lives define our legacies have been key…  Read more

By Feb 8, 2018

Notes on Quotes (Or, The Problem of Quotation, Authorship and Authority)

The Pain of Others

Part 1: Notes on a Quote Like all great adventures, it began with a grammar dispute. In preparation for the film festival premiere of my film The Pain of Others, I was recently preparing the online edit. The online edit…  Read more

By Jan 30, 2018

“If You Want That Melodramatic Shaft of Light, You’d Better Mean It”: DP Sam Levy on Shooting Lady Bird

Saiorse Ronan in Lady Bird

There’s a tradition of young directors looking for inspiration in the bygone eras of their adolescence. For George Lucas in American Graffiti, it was the California car culture of the early ’60s. For Richard Linklater in Dazed and Confused, it…  Read more

By Jan 17, 2018

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