“Okay Whit, I Think You Need to Get Dumber”: Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas on The Civil Dead (Back To One, Episode 238)

Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas wrote and star in the wonderful new comedy The Civil Dead, which Tatum also directed. On this episode, they discuss their long collaboration and friendship that goes back to Alabama at age 11, doing comedy…  Read more

By Jan 31, 2023

“Which One is the Real Doll and Which One is the Actress?” DP Peter McCaffrey on M3gan

M3gan in M3ganM3gan in M3gan

When Peter McCaffrey left the processing lab at New Zealand’s National Film Unit in the early 1980s to become a freelance camera assistant, his bosses told him he’d be asking for his job back in two weeks. There was no…  Read more

By Jan 26, 2023

“Making Meaning Out of Life”: After Love Star Joanna Scanlan (Back To One, Episode 237)

A still of actress Joanna Scanlan. a middle-aged white woman wearing a hijab, in the film After Love, with the words "Back To One" written over the image in what appears to be marker on packing tape. The image is placed on a wooden tabletop.

British TV and film star Joanna Scanlan won the Best Actress BAFTA award last year for her incredible performance in After Love. She plays Mary, a devout convert to Islam who, shortly after becoming a widow, discovers her late husband’s secret…  Read more

By Jan 24, 2023

“I Don’t Know How To Be a Product”: Saint Omer Star Guslagie Malanda (Back To One, Episode 236)

To say Guslagie Malanda plays Laurence Coly in Alice Diop’s Saint Omer feels incorrect; she becomes her. It’s a performance that holds such subtle power and authenticity that it’s easy to take it for granted. On this episode, Malanda explains…  Read more

By Jan 17, 2023

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