Dial-up Connections: All About Lily Chou-Chou at 20

All About Lily Chou-Chou (courtesy of Film Movement)

Twenty years after the release of All About Lily Chou-Chou, I can’t think of a film that better depicts what first drew people to the internet, and certainly none that matches its expressive use of content-type header errors. Director Shunji…  Read more

By Jul 12, 2021

Beautiful Syllabus Design

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By Jul 12, 2021

Where Have the Low-Budget Movies Gone?

The Beta Test, courtesy of IFC Films

While streamer-backed productions promise a golden future for a lucky few, for most independent filmmakers these days, it’s more challenging to subsist by making the sort of professionally budgeted, less than $3 million films that used to be hallmarks of…  Read more

By Jul 12, 2021

Meet Your Driver: Film, Gig Workers and Big Tech

Kris Hitchen in Sorry We Missed You, courtesy of Zeitgeist Films

“When you walk into an Amazon fulfillment center, it’s like walking into the Chocolate Factory, and you won a Golden Ticket,” says Janelle, one of the employees featured in videos posted to Amazon’s YouTube page. The introductions share a format,…  Read more

By Apr 8, 2021

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