Two or Three Things They Know About You: Marketing Independent Film with Behavioral Data

Jim Cummings on the poster for Thunder Road

Dear filmmakers, surveillance capitalism is your friend. Like every other thing we purchase nowadays, movies have been subsumed into the new digital economy, where behavioral data, influence campaigns and social media marketing are an integral part of doing business. Morally,…  Read more

By Mar 17, 2020

Messing With the Medium: On the Textured Pleasures of the Handmade Film

Three pieces of scratched film from Holly Willis's class

Last summer, filmmaker Jennifer West and I were invited to talk at Femmebit, an LA-based triennial celebration of media made by women. I had been thinking about materiality and mediamaking practices, and Jennifer is known for a stunning body of…  Read more

By Mar 17, 2020

Conceiving the Future: The Prescient Lynn Hershman Leeson

Tilda Swinton in Conceiving Ada (courtesy of Lynn Hershman Leeson)

There’s no question that Lynn Hershman Leeson is a prescient artist and filmmaker. Prescience is even a theme in her work, one she grapples with as a double-edged sword. Impossible to measure except in retrospect, it is a lonely quality…  Read more

By Mar 17, 2020

Hits & Misses 2019: Surveying the Success of the Sundance Film Festival’s Theatrical Releases

Awkwafina and Tzi Ma in The Farewell (courtesy of A24)

The times, they keep a-changin’. In its immediate aftermath, the story out of Sundance 2019 was its bounteous acquisition market and record-setting sales numbers—from New Line’s $15 million purchase of Blinded by the Light to Amazon Studios’ $27 million splurge…  Read more

By Dec 10, 2019

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