The Cine-Ghosts of Shirkers

Some of my best conversations have been with people who weren’t there. Absent was OK—even nonexistent was OK. As long as I imagined somebody was there. I did that as a prolific letter writer, I did that as a novelist,…  Read more

By Sep 17, 2018

What Makes a Good Production Designer?

[Image: Judy Becker, photo by and (c) Clarissa Bonet]

As a kid, the first and only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was an artist. I never got bored or minded being sent to my room as long as I could draw. I wasn’t the…  Read more

By Sep 17, 2018

Looking Backwards To Look Forward

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By Sep 17, 2018

Checkpoints: Independent Film’s Gatekeeper Problem

Chameleon Street, courtesy of Atlas Industries.

The good news: Film festivals and film-support organizations in the United States have never been more vocal in their support of underrepresented filmmakers. At Sundance 2018, the number of films made by women (37%) and people of color (more than…  Read more

By Sep 17, 2018

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