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“We Accidentally Did Everything Wrong, But It’s Starting to Work”: Dad & Step-Dad Stars Colin Burgess and Anthony Oberbeck, Back To One, Episode 285

Colin Burgess and Anthony Oberbeck star in Dad & Step-Dad, an independent comedy film they co-wrote with director Tynan DeLong. It follows Jim and Dave, a dad and a step-dad, as they struggle with bonding during a weekend upstate with Branson, the 13-year-old son they share. It’s about family, communication, insecurity and the fragility of the male ego. On this episode, Burgess and Oberbeck describe the development of their comedy tastes and take us back to the improvised shorts that preceded the feature, where they were able to hone their characters and comedic sensibility before growing the project to feature-length. They talk about the decision to “not do jokes,” the importance of silence in comedy, the influence of Fredrick Wiseman, the similarities with the other comedy starring Colin Burgess that’s out now—Free Time, and much more!

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