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A podcast about acting -- just the work. by Peter Rinaldi

“Feeling Vulnerable is a Good Thing”: Hugo De Sousa, Back To One, Episode 281

As an actor, Hugo De Sousa had breakout leading roles in We Used to Know Each Other, Mister Limbo, and Everything in The End. I was introduced to his work as an actor/filmmaker, with the celebrated shorts he made in collaboration with Frank Mosley—The Event and Good Condition. On this episode he talks extensively about the making of those films, and his latest, which might be of particular, cathartic interest to listeners of this podcast, the absurdist short Je Ne Suis Pas Une Star De Cinéma. Plus he discusses the importance of feeling “out of balance in front of the camera,” why he likes to absorb challenges on set, how independent cinema is “like robbing a bank,” and much more!

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