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“Once in a While You Go, ‘My Vision is Enough’”: Scrambled‘s Leah McKendrick, Back To One, Episode 278

A director and actor, Leah McKendrick, of the film "Scrambled": a white woman with red hair in a purple gown.

Leah McKendrick wrote, directed, and stars in the hilarious, super smart, and intensely personal new film Scrambled. It’s about a perpetual bridesmaid who, realizing she isn’t quite willing or able to settle down, decides to freeze her eggs. McKendrick doesn’t shy away from depicting her character’s sex life, the frustrations involving family and friends, and the true loneliness that enveloped her when she decided to do the same procedure in real life. It’s that rare film that will have you belly laughing one minute and crying hard the next. On this episode, we find out what elements were at play to make this little miracle of a movie come to life. She talks about how hitting rock bottom when her studio screenwriting work just evaporated into thin air one day, after years of commitment, led to a desire to get back to making her own films; why it’s always advisable to hire your talented actor friends, even for the tiniest roles; what it took to finally stop worrying if her performance was coming across on the screen, the extent to which she had to fight to stay true to her own vision, and much more. This is a truly inspirational episode for anyone who seeks to make, and act in, their own films. Scrambled is in theaters now.

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