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“It’s a Braver and More Worthy Cause, At Least for Me, Than Me Being a Soldier or Politician”: Al Warren (Back To One, Episode 267)

in Actors, Columns, Interviews
on Oct 3, 2023

Dogleg is one of the best films of the year. A unique and hilarious feat of cinematic inventiveness, it follows amateur director Alan, played by Al Warren, after he loses his fiancé’s dog at a gender reveal party on the day of an important shoot. Warren also wrote and directed the film, which took more than half a decade to finish. On this episode, he tells us why he was in no hurry to complete the film, and why he has taken a much more intentional and meaningful approach toward bringing it to the audience. He takes us back to his childhood, and a story of how prematurely promised stardom, followed by years of actively avoiding acting, led him to arrive at the craft in a genuinely meaningful and life-enriching way, which is where we find him now. Plus he shares his philosophy of comedy (which boils down to “Nothing is funnier than self-seriousness”), talks about his latest role opposite Nicolas Cage in Dream Scenario and much more.

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