“I Love the Kind of Cinema That [Tells You Everything] Through Images, Where Every Frame is Like a Painting”: Ena Sendijarević’ on Her Metrograph Series, Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Amsterdam-based, Bosnian-born filmmaker Ena Sendijarević’s two features to date, Take Me Somewhere Nice and Sweet Dreams, hone the filmmaker’s personal cinematic language while expanding the parameters of her own perspective. The former, her 2019 debut feature, follows a Dutch teen…  Read more

By Apr 12, 2024

“Congratulations, That Shot was Terrible”: DP Matthew Temple on Late Night with the Devil

Laura Gordon, Ingrid Torelli, David Dastmalchian, and Ian Bliss in Late Night with the Devil

I typically have two problems with found footage horror movies. First, it’s often hard to believe the characters wouldn’t simply drop their cameras once the body count begins. Just as the haunted house movie must present a sufficiently logical reason…  Read more

By Apr 11, 2024

“The Step from Being a Human to Becoming a Monster is Much Shorter than We Think”: Oksana Karpovych on Her ND/NF Doc, Intercepted


While the on-the-ground horrors of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine have been viewed around the world, often in real time — and even formed the basis of this year’s Best Doc Feature Oscar winner, Mstyslav Chernov’s 20 Days in Mariupol…  Read more

By Apr 11, 2024

Cutting Costs in Black and White: Phạm Ngọc Lân ơn Cu Li Never Cries

A middle-aged woman dances with a younger man who has a primate on his left shoulder.Cu Li Never Cries

Unfolding in a Hanoi of twisting alleyways and cramped apartments, Cu Li Never Cries follows a half-dozen intertwined characters whose lives are in upheaval. Mrs. Nguyện (Minh Châu), a widow, has been gifted with a pet slow cu li, a…  Read more

By Apr 8, 2024

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