Risking It All: Helly Luv, Kurdistan’s Pop Star and Mardan Actress

Helly Luv on the set of "Mardan" directed by Batin Ghobadhi.Helly Luv on the set of Mardan

“Right now, the Kurdish freedom fighters — the peshmerga — are protecting the whole world.” Middle Eastern politics start to sound different when explained by pop sensation Helly Luv. Nicknamed the “Lion Girl” in her native Kurdistan, Luv is known for her…  Read more


Tilda Swinton’s Best Interview Ever

Wigon (2)

Last fall Jamie Stuart was conducting interviews for his NYFF51. He ran into the publicist handling Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive and asked if he could get a sit down with Tilda Swinton. The answer: yes, but time was…  Read more


The Women of SXSW: Wedlock Creator and Actress Jennifer Lafleur


Following “The Women of Sundance” article in our print and online additions, Danielle Lurie continues her coverage of female filmmakers with a series of pieces highlighting women directors at SXSW. In this email interview, she talks with Jennifer LaFleur, director…  Read more


Chris Tucker in Toronto: “I Don’t Do a Lot of Stuff, Because I’ve Seen Everything”

Chris Tucker in TorontoChris Tucker in Toronto

Earlier this week, Chris Tucker braved the latest polar vortex to be honored at Black History Month in Toronto, presented by the Canadian Film Centre and Poor Boy’s Game director Clément Virgo. The 41-year-old co-star (with Jackie Chan) of the…  Read more