Discovering the Spiritus Loci: Simone Rapisarda Casanova on The Creation of Meaning

The Creation of MeaningThe Creation of Meaning

The primary subject of The Creation of Meaning — the second feature by the delightfully named Simone Rapisarda Casanova — is the equally delightfully named Pacifico Pieruccioni, who lives in a village at the very top of the Tuscan Alps. He…  Read more


Building Trust with the Gringo Mariachi: Aaron I. Naar on Mateo


The story of Matthew Stoneman, “America’s first gringo mariachi singer,” at first sounds more like fodder for the next Will Ferrell vehicle. But in the hands of IFP Doc Lab alum Aaron I. Naar this weirder-than-fiction tale transforms into something…  Read more


Place of Passage: J.P. Sniadecki on The Iron Ministry

The Iron MinistryThe Iron Ministry

The Iron Ministry takes place on a moving train, whose compartments expand over the course of the film to reveal a host of rocking sights: hanging raw meat, cigarettes floating in water, boxed goods in transit, and myriad people engaged in…  Read more


Steering Away From “Ooga-Booga” Horror Movies: John McNaughton on The Harvest

Michael Shannon in The HarvestMichael Shannon in The Harvest

In 1985, a pair of brothers who owned a video equipment rental business in Chicago offered local filmmaker John McNaughton $100,000 in financing if he could come up with a low-budget horror movie. They probably got a little more than…  Read more