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Sundance 2017: Five Questions with Landline Director Gillian Robespierre


Everything changed for Gillian Robespierre after Sundance. In 2014 she arrived at the festival with her debut feature, Obvious Child, a personal, provocative, NYC-set comedy starring Jenny Slate. Before the festival even wrapped, she had found an enviable distributor for the…  Read more

By Jan 19, 2017

Strategies for Sharing

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By Jan 18, 2017

Activist Resistance and Organization in Portland and Elsewhere: Penny Allen on Her Career


This weekend, Metrograph hosts a bona fide repertory first for New York City: a retrospective of four films by activist-director Penny Allen, who grew up in Portland and is currently based in Paris. I was one of a relative handful…  Read more

By Jan 6, 2017

Do You Need to Premiere at a Major Festival to Qualify your Doc for an Oscar? Roger Ross Williams on the Shortlist Process

Life, Animated

One of the most intriguing aspects of this year’s Savannah Film Festival’s Docs to Watch Roundtable, which I wrote about a couple months back, was the lively back-and-forth that occurred when the subject of the Oscar shortlist came up. From…  Read more

By Jan 2, 2017

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