Five Questions for St. Vincent Writer/Director Ted Melfi

St. Vincent

With his debut feature, St. Vincent, Ted Melfi may seem like one of those out-of-nowhere independent sensations that pops on the scene a few times a year. But as he explains in the interview below, he has actually been behind…  Read more


“Nothing is Simple, Nothing is Easy”: Two Shots Fired Director Martín Rejtman

Two Shots FiredTwo Shots Fired

Its title threatens a sudden loud blast, but Two Shots Fired wrongfoots viewers when its first sound isn’t from a gun but the jolting bass in a club where young Mariano (Rafael Federman) is dancing. He leaves, goes home, mows the lawn, finds a gun…  Read more


“My Vampire has a Beer Gut”: Director Onur Tukel on Summer of Blood

Summer of BloodSummer of Blood

Charmingly crude and equipped with the gift of gab, filmmaker and painter Onur Tukel’s Summer of Blood is a Brooklyn-set vampire comedy with a love for witty banter. The film’s writer, director, and editor, Tukel also stars as the pugnacious Erik, a…  Read more


“We’re Doing All the President’s Men, and Then We’re Doing The Parallax View“: Michael Cuesta on Kill the Messenger

Jeremy Renner in Kill the MessengerJeremy Renner in Kill the Messenger

Although it is a ’90s-set story dealing with an ‘80s political cover-up, Michael Cuesta’s Kill the Messenger, the true story of journalist Gary Webb, couldn’t be more of the moment. When filmmaker Laura Poitras is documenting the work of a…  Read more