“A Freudian Tale of the Boy, the Adult and the Old Man”: Stevan Riley on Listen to Me Marlon

Listen to Me MarlonListen to Me Marlon

Since his death, Marlon Brando has become a legend, but the actor and the man himself have gotten lost. British director Stevan Riley’s documentary Listen to Me, Marlon attempts to restore the person underneath the myth. To some extent, that’s…  Read more


Dukhtar Writer, Director, Producer, Editor Afia Nathaniel at the Munich International Film Festival

Afia NathanielAfia Nathaniel

Released in Pakistan and set to open in New York and L.A. later this fall, Dukhtar tells the story of a mother and her ten-year-old daughter who flee from their home in the mountains of Pakistan. Below, first-time feature filmmaker,…  Read more


Meet Me in Montenegro at the Munich Film Festival

Jenny Urich, Linnea Saasen, Ineke Hagedorn.Jenny Urich, Linnea Saasen, Ineke Hagedorn.

Meet Me in Montenegro is a romantic comedy about two lovers, a Norwegian dancer and an American filmmaker, who meet by chance during a visit to Berlin. The film is based on the real-life romance between co-writers, producers, and editors…  Read more


Standing on Opposite Sides of the Road: Pedro Costa on Horse Money

Ventura in Horse MoneyVentura in Horse Money

Locating himself far from the mainstream of even international art cinema, Pedro Costa is widely regarded as one of the most important artists on the international film scene. Born in 1959, he was already a successful filmmaker when he began…  Read more