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Human Highway: Writer/Director Andrea Arnold Talks American Honey

American HoneyAmerican Honey

Watching the world go by out a car window, a road trip feels like going nowhere and somewhere at the same time. The overpasses and parking lots, they all look enough alike, and then thousands of miles later, by the…  Read more

By Sep 29, 2016

Five Questions for Miss Stevens Writer/Director Julia Hart

Miss StevensMiss Stevens

We’ve seen our fair share of films about teacher-student relationships, but they tend to fall into either the titillating or inspirational categories. Miss Stevens is neither. It’s a quiet drama which is powerful in its subtlety. The plot itself is understated, but the…  Read more

By Sep 27, 2016

Five Questions for Closet Monster Writer/Director Stephen Dunn

Closet MonsterCloset Monster

A surreal and entirely original coming-of-age tale, Closet Monster tells the story of Oscar, a gay, cinephilic high school senior who has been grappling with the implications of his parents’ divorce — and a witnessed act of gay bashing —…  Read more

By Sep 23, 2016

To the Moon Via Stanley Kubrick: Matt Johnson on Operation Avalanche

Matt Johnson and Owen Williams in Operation AvalancheMatt Johnson and Owen Williams in Operation Avalanche

Nothing on screen is ever fully truth. Even in the most honest and seemingly unbiased documentaries, manipulation and subjectivity reign. That caveat is accepted when there is explicit knowledge that one’s watching creative content, but blatant deceit is a much…  Read more

By Sep 20, 2016

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