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Through You: Stopping and Feeling Through Dance and VR

Joanna Kotze and Amari Cheatom in Through You (Photo by Cameron Bertron)

Although dance and virtual reality seemingly lay at polar ends of the creative spectrum, they can come together to make incredibly moving artistic experiences. That, at least, holds true for co-directors Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld in their new piece Through…  Read more

By Aug 15, 2017

Shooting From Dock to Dish with the New Canon C200

For the launch of the C200, Canon hired producer Andrew Fried of Boardwalk Pictures to create a short introduction video, From Dock to Dish. Boardwalk Pictures specializes in nonfiction programming, most notably producing the Chef’s Table series for Netflix. The team, including DP…  Read more

By Aug 14, 2017

6,500 Kilometers in 29 Shooting Days: Jérôme Reybaud on 4 Days in France

The start to finish route of 4 Days in France (Drawing by Sylvia Savadjian)

I wrote a little bit about 4 Days in France yesterday; a few hours after publishing, I went to meet writer/director Jérôme Reybaud to follow up on some particular points of interest. Some basic plot points about this recommended quasi-romance/road trip narrative:…  Read more

By Aug 4, 2017

Nostalgia for Blockbuster Video Covers: Kyle Mooney on Brigsby Bear

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. and Kyle Mooney in Brigsby Bear

If you haven’t watched Kyle Mooney’s early work, you’re missing out — it’s a healthy crop of innovative character work made with comedy group Good Neighbor. Mooney has also, along with fellow members Beck Bennett and writer Dave McCary, brought…  Read more

By Aug 2, 2017

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