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DP Philippe Rousselot on The Nice Guys, Learning from Néstor Almendros and Loving China Balls

The Nice GuysThe Nice Guys

Shane Black was just 24 years old when he sold the spec script that would become Lethal Weapon. Since then Black’s name in the credits – whether as writer or director – brings a certain set of expectations: tarnished, mismatched…  Read more

By Jun 15, 2016

DP Peter Suschitzky on The Empire Strikes Back, Collaborating with David Cronenberg and the New Wave’s “Boring Light”

Dead RingersDead Ringers

British cinematographer Peter Suschitzky is known for his collaborations with David Cronenberg (Cosmopolis, A Dangerous Method, Eastern Promises, A History of Violence, Spider, eXistenZ, Crash, Naked Lunch and Dead Ringers). His eclectic career saw him start working in fantastical “what if”…  Read more

By Jun 9, 2016

Five Questions with Tracktown Directors Alexi Pappas and Jeremy Teicher


It’s rare, if not unheard of: a first-time feature film director who is also an Olympic athlete. Such is the case with competitive long distance runner Alexi Pappis, who, along with her boyfriend Jeremy Teicher (one of Filmmaker‘s 25 New…  Read more

By Jun 3, 2016

A Miles Davis Fever Dream: DP Roberto Schaefer on Miles Ahead

Miles AheadMiles Ahead

Like many aspiring filmmakers, cinematographer Roberto Schaefer spent his youth fermenting his imagination by creating his own backyard epics. But unlike your typical kid – who concentrates on, depending on the era, recreating Harryhausen or Spielberg or maybe just blowing…  Read more

By Jun 2, 2016

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