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DP Eve M. Cohen Discusses Virtual Reality and Crowdfunding


In part I of this interview, cinematographer Eve M. Cohen talked about working on the independent feature Be Somebody. In the second part of the interview, she talks about her experience with shooting for virtual reality projects, as well as…  Read more

By Aug 26, 2016

Shooting While Skating: DP Steve Holleran on The Land

Steve Holleran on the set of The LandSteve Holleran on the set of The Land

In the opening scene of The Land, an unseen guidance counselor lays out possible futures for the film’s four high school protagonists. It’s lives as mechanics and welders, blue-collar jobs that once promised entrance into a thriving middle class that…  Read more

By Aug 25, 2016

86 Pages in 12 Days: DP Eve M. Cohen on Shooting Be Somebody

Be SomebodyBe Somebody

Eve M. Cohen studied art as a painter and a photographer in undergrad, and received a Master’s in cinematography from UCLA. Beginning work in narrative film and documentary, she has most recently been diving into virtual reality, and filming interviews…  Read more

By Aug 24, 2016

“Style is the Culmination of Your Mistakes”: Cinematographer Sean Porter on Green Room

Green RoomGreen Room

Early in Green Room – before the carnage ramps its way toward a violent, chaotic crescendo – there’s a close-up of a record player spinning haplessly in the foreground while the out-of-focus shape of Anton Yelchin’s punk bassist stirs in…  Read more

By Aug 12, 2016

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