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Tribeca 2016: Five Questions for High-Rise DP Laurie Rose


Cinematographer Laurie Rose began his career as a feature film DP with Down Terrace, the debut film from British director Ben Wheatley. Rose has gone on to shoot all five of Wheatley’s features, including his latest, High-Rise. The first major adaptation…  Read more

By Apr 20, 2016

DP Jeff Cutter on Shooting 10 Cloverfield Lane in Near-Sequence, Dragon vs. Alexa and Six Specific Shots

10 Cloverfield Lane10 Cloverfield Lane

Because the wheels of the movie machine turn slowly, timeliness is not among cinema’s primary virtues. Thus when a movie reflects an aspect of the cultural zeitgeist, it’s either an act of Nostradamian foresight or sheer luck. I don’t know…  Read more

By Mar 23, 2016

SXSW: Teenage Cocktail DP Justin Kane on Capturing “Raw Youth”

Teenage CocktailTeenage Cocktail

In his directorial debut Teenage Cocktail, director John Carchietta examines the plight of best friends  Annie (Nichole Bloom) and Jules (Fabianne Therese), who just want to get out of their small town and move to California. Nothing is off the table,…  Read more

By Mar 15, 2016

“Time, and How to Manage It”: Miss Stevens DP Sebastian Winterø

Miss StevensMiss Stevens

Building on eight years of pedagogical experience, Julia Hart’s debut feature Miss Stevens tracks a troubled teacher (Lily Rabe) and three of her high school students as they attend a statewide acting competition. Victory means possibly forestalling the closing of their…  Read more

By Mar 15, 2016

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