“To Remove What Feels Electronic in the Image”: While We’re Young DP Sam Levy

While We're Young (Courtesy of A24)While We're Young (Courtesy of A24)

Early in writer/director Noah Baumbach’s latest effort While We’re Young, the film presents a montage of its 40-something protagonists (Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts) transfixed by the glowing screens of their digital devices, juxtaposed against a younger couple they’ve recently…  Read more


“As Spare and Sparse as Possible”: Peter Suschitzky on Maps to the Stars

Maps to the StarsMaps to the Stars

Before David Cronenberg evolved – or rather, in keeping with Cronenberg’s preoccupations, mutated – into a respected auteur, he rose to prominence as the purveyor of a distinct subset of genre films labeled as “body horror.” At the heart of…  Read more


Today-Lies, Not Dailies: Focus DP Xavier Grobet on Using Final Cut X, LUT Tables, and Instant Color Timing


Early in the new film Focus, a veteran con man played by Will Smith teaches his fledgling grifter protégé (Margot Robbie) the tools of the trade: misdirection, deception, subliminal suggestion. They’re a few of the tools applied in Focus by…  Read more


Quyen Tran on Shooting Frankie Shaw’s Sundance-Winning SMILF


Frankie Shaw’s short film SMILF won the Short Film Jury Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. It’s a funny and revealing comedy about a young mom struggling to connect to her old sexual self while being homebound caring for…  Read more