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“A Coming of Age Story–with Jump Scares”: Jason Ballantine on Editing It

Bill Skarsgård in It

In horror movies, kids are often exempt from the carnage. It’s a trope of the genre—the cute moppet that any experienced horror viewer knows is in absolutely no peril within the confines of the film. Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of It opens…  Read more

By Oct 6, 2017

Transforming Information into Experience: White Sun Screenwriter and Editor David Barker

White Sun

David Barker is a hard one to put a finger on. He is an American writer and editor who over the past 10 years has gained an international reputation for his analytical ability and open, unconventional approach. Recent collaborations include…  Read more

By Sep 6, 2017

Color Grading with the Blackmagic Micro Panel

I’m a video editor, not a color grader, but for most projects I have to do my own color adjustments, and I’ve been using three-way color correction tools to manipulate video color since the days of Final Cut Pro 5.…  Read more

By Aug 10, 2017

Editor Evan Schrodek on the Fraternity Hazing Drama Burning Sands

Burning Sands

A producer on Ryan Coogler’s Fruitvale Station, Gerard McMurray makes his debut as a writer/director with Burning Sands. The film tells the story of five college students who embark on a “Hell Week” of hazing and abuse in order to receive admission…  Read more

By Jan 29, 2017

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