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Opening Doors: Jessica Jones Creator Melissa Rosenberg

Krysten Ritter in Jessica JonesKrysten Ritter in Jessica Jones

The more money involved in any industry, the more timid and conservative the financiers become about what they are willing to back. When deciding what to greenlight, they cling to outdated ideas of what audiences will want to watch, often…  Read more

By Jan 13, 2016

A Suburban Megachurch in John Hughes Territory: Stephen Cone on Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party

Joe Keery and Cole Doman in Henry Gamble's Birthday PartyJoe Keery and Cole Doman in Henry Gamble's Birthday Party

Simultaneously a rebellious yell against Christian authority and an appreciation for growing up with evangelical values, Stephen Cone’s Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party is neither religious condemnation nor agitprop. Its title character is a gay teenager celebrating his birthday with friends and family;…  Read more

By Jan 8, 2016

“Do You Mind If I Finance the Rest of the Film?” Tom DiCillo on Living in Oblivion

Living in OblivionLiving in Oblivion

In Living in Oblivion, Tom DiCillo’s 1995 triptych of the agony and ecstasy of indie film production, Murphy’s cinematic law is in full effect. Prima donna actors. Uncooperative smoke machines. Blown lines. Soft focus. Booms in the frame. However, the…  Read more

By Nov 12, 2015

“We Got Over 90 Setups One Day”: John Sayles on Eight Men Out

Eight Men OutEight Men Out

Few directors in the history of American film have presented a perspective on the human condition as complex, varied, and compassionate as that of John Sayles. The quintessential independent filmmaker, he once said, “I’m interested in the stuff I do…  Read more

By Nov 10, 2015

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