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“Be Beautiful and Shut Up”: Anna Karina on Filmmaking with Jean-Luc Godard

Anna Karina in Bande a PartAnna Karina in Bande a Part

Anna Karina is, along with Gena Rowlands, my favorite actress of all time. The seven and a half films that she made with Jean-Luc Godard constitute, arguably, the most influential body of work in the history of cinema. They certainly…  Read more

By May 9, 2016

“Help a Director Out as an Actor by Being a Good Soldier”: Jason Batemen on The Family Fang

Christopher Walken, Maryann Plunkett, Jason Bateman and Nicole Kidman in The Family FangChristopher Walken, Maryann Plunkett, Jason Bateman and Nicole Kidman in The Family Fang

After more than 30 years on screen — from his baby-faced days on Little House on the Prairie to his work on Arrested Development — Jason Bateman directed his first feature in 2013 with Bad Words. He now returns behind the camera with…  Read more

By Apr 28, 2016

Sexploitation Star Kitten Natividad on Russ Meyer, Roger Ebert, Porn and the Hot Docs-premiering League of Exotique Dancers

Kitten NatividadKitten Natividad

Rama Rau’s League of Exotique Dancers is an absolutely delightful and lovingly crafted doc structured around a group of legendary striptease artists as they prepare to return to the stage for the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Las Vegas…  Read more

By Apr 28, 2016

“People Assume That I am ‘Isabelle'”: Isabelle Huppert on the Metaphysical Desert Drama, Valley of Love

Valley of LoveValley of Love

Playing divorced parents embarking on a strange journey into Death Valley, Isabelle Huppert and Gérard Depardieu bring an easy chemistry and rich shared experience to Guillaume Nicloux’s Valley of Love, opening today in the States from Strand. They both play famous…  Read more

By Mar 25, 2016

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