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SXSW: Five Questions for Mr. Roosevelt Writer/Director/Star Noël Wells

Mister Roosevelt

Texas-born actress and comedian Noël Wells (Master of None, SNL, The Incredible Jessica James) steps into the director’s chair with her SXSW-debuting feature Mr. Roosevelt, which mixes a sort of low-key melancholic humor of self-discovery with a series of broader…  Read more

By Mar 12, 2017

Mended Bond: Kris Avedisian and Jesse Wakeman on the Unpleasant Fraternity in Donald Cried

Donald Cried

Lacking appropriate words, forcing an uncomfortable embrace and remembering once-forgotten regrets are common symptoms during a chance encounter with an old friend who, through the passage of time and often distance, has become little more than a stranger. Once that…  Read more

By Mar 3, 2017

“I Was at a Point in My Life When I Needed to Take a Risk”: Barry Jenkins on his Debut Feature, Medicine for Melancholy

Medicine for Melancholy

Nominated for Best Director and Best Picture Academy Awards for his beautiful and incisive Moonlight, Barry Jenkins has long appeared in the pages of Filmmaker. He was a 25 New Face in 2008 and then, just months later, graced our…  Read more

By Feb 24, 2017

“Drops of Jupiter,” Cancer and Blockbuster Video: Chris Kelly on Other People

Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon in Other People

In the opening shot of Other People, a family gathers around the body of its matriarch seconds after she’s passed from cancer. This moment of grief – accompanied by no score, just sobbing — is punctured when the phone rings…  Read more

By Feb 9, 2017

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