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“Do You Mind If I Finance the Rest of the Film?” Tom DiCillo on Living in Oblivion

Living in OblivionLiving in Oblivion

In Living in Oblivion, Tom DiCillo’s 1995 triptych of the agony and ecstasy of indie film production, Murphy’s cinematic law is in full effect. Prima donna actors. Uncooperative smoke machines. Blown lines. Soft focus. Booms in the frame. However, the…  Read more

By Nov 12, 2015

“We Got Over 90 Setups One Day”: John Sayles on Eight Men Out

Eight Men OutEight Men Out

Few directors in the history of American film have presented a perspective on the human condition as complex, varied, and compassionate as that of John Sayles. The quintessential independent filmmaker, he once said, “I’m interested in the stuff I do…  Read more

By Nov 10, 2015

“If You Move in a Hasty Manner, I’ll Put a Bullet in You”: S. Craig Zahler on Bone Tomahawk

Kurt Russell in Bone TomahawkKurt Russell in Bone Tomahawk

With its careful widescreen compositions and painterly period-motivated lighting, Bone Tomahawk possesses a classical visual style that belies its pulpy genre mash-up logline of western-cum-cannibal horror film. There are no elaborate tracking shots in the feature debut of writer/director S.…  Read more

By Nov 5, 2015

The Camera and the Pen

Mark Monroe (photo by Braden King)Mark Monroe (photo by Braden King)

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By Oct 28, 2015

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