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“I Was at a Point in My Life When I Needed to Take a Risk”: Barry Jenkins on his Debut Feature, Medicine for Melancholy

Medicine for Melancholy

Nominated for Best Director and Best Picture for his beautiful and incisive Moonlight, Barry Jenkins has long appeared in the pages of Filmmaker. He was a 25 New Face in 2008 and then, just months later, graced our Winter, 2009…  Read more

By Feb 24, 2017

“Drops of Jupiter,” Cancer and Blockbuster Video: Chris Kelly on Other People

Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon in Other People

In the opening shot of Other People, a family gathers around the body of its matriarch seconds after she’s passed from cancer. This moment of grief – accompanied by no score, just sobbing — is punctured when the phone rings…  Read more

By Feb 9, 2017

Filming During Malaria Season: Kelly Daniela Norris and T.W. Pittman on Nakom

Kelly Daniela Norris and T.W. Pittman

Nakom is the first ever feature film in the Kusaal language and the first Ghanaian narrative film to have screened at the Berlin International Film Festival. Following the world premiere in Berlin, the film made its U.S. debut at the…  Read more

By Dec 7, 2016

Examined Life: Mia Hansen-Løve on Things to Come

Isabelle Huppert in Things to Come (Photo by Ludovic Bergery)

There are only a few minutes of calm at the beginning of Mia Hansen-Løve’s fifth feature Things to Come. In a prologue two years before the film’s narrative kicks off, philosophy professor Nathalie (Isabelle Huppert) is on seaside vacation with…  Read more

By Oct 20, 2016

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