“I Don’t Feel Like I Gave Birth to Jesus”: Wes Craven on A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm StreetA Nightmare on Elm Street

On November 9, 1984, Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street opened in American theaters and changed the movie industry forever. Serving as a bridge between the primal ferocity of Craven’s earlier work (Last House on the Left, The Hills…  Read more


Five Questions for St. Vincent Writer/Director Ted Melfi

St. Vincent

With his debut feature, St. Vincent, Ted Melfi may seem like one of those out-of-nowhere independent sensations that pops on the scene a few times a year. But as he explains in the interview below, he has actually been behind…  Read more


“Nothing is Simple, Nothing is Easy”: Two Shots Fired Director Martín Rejtman

Two Shots FiredTwo Shots Fired

Its title threatens a sudden loud blast, but Two Shots Fired wrongfoots viewers when its first sound isn’t from a gun but the jolting bass in a club where young Mariano (Rafael Federman) is dancing. He leaves, goes home, mows the lawn, finds a gun…  Read more


“My Vampire has a Beer Gut”: Director Onur Tukel on Summer of Blood

Summer of BloodSummer of Blood

Charmingly crude and equipped with the gift of gab, filmmaker and painter Onur Tukel’s Summer of Blood is a Brooklyn-set vampire comedy with a love for witty banter. The film’s writer, director, and editor, Tukel also stars as the pugnacious Erik, a…  Read more