Watch Now for 48 Hours: Short Films from Eastern Oregon Film Festival

For the third year Filmmaker is happy to exclusively host online selections from the currently underway Eastern Oregon Film Festival. These films will stream exclusively here on the site until Sunday morning at 9:00 AM. This year, we’re hosting a work of philosophical science fiction by Blake Salzman, a new drama from festival veteran Frank Mosley, and an inspiring London-set work from Tal Amiran. You can watch all the films embedded below, and check out the rest of the lineup at Eastern Oregon Film Festival. Midwife (dir. Blake Salzman, 2017) Synopsis: In a bleak future where women are dying rapidly, a female survivor must counsel, interrogate and mother those responsible to find answers. Website: Midwife Film. Parthenon (dir. Frank Mosley,…  Read more


Leaving the Hasidic Faith: Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady on One of Us

One of Us

Described at one point in the film as a community based on survivors of trauma, the Hasidic population of Brooklyn, New York is known for being a tight-knit religious group as private as it is self-dependent. Keeping to the strict customs inherited from their ancestors, the men and women separate themselves from the secular community by adhering to strict dress codes, luddite beliefs and a need to keep their families intact. Equally stringent and oppressive, the Hasidic faith — in the case of Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s new investigative documentary, One of Us, Hasidic New Yorkers — are particularly firm about keeping their followers in and curious strangers out. Following three characters who are either looking to or have left…  Read more


Four Years of Access to Whale Hunts: Director Mike Day on The Islands and the Whales

The Islands and the Whales

The Islands and the Whales, which recently had its North American theatrical premiere at IFC Center and broadcast premiere on POV, is one of the most innovative documentaries on marine conservation I’ve seen in years. Director Mike Day is carving out a niche for himself by addressing the interstices where traditional cultures butt against modern conservationist ideals, resulting in nuanced interactions that defy expectations. The Islands and the Whales, for instance, shows the people of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic — Viking descendants who have lived off of the sea for generations — and how they are struggling to sustainably maintain their traditions such as whale hunting in the 21st century. Not only are these whale hunters environmentally…  Read more


With Four Nominations, Get Out Tops IFP Gotham Awards Announcement

Get Out

Jordan Peele’s zeitgeist-y horror film Get Out topped the IFP Gotham Awards nominations this morning, scoring nods for Best Picture, Breakthrough Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actor. Other multiple nominees include Sean Baker’s The Florida Project, the Safdie Brothers’ Good Time, Craig Gillespie’s I, Tonya, : kogonada’s Columbus, Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name, and Dee Rees’s Mudbound, which scored a nomination for actress Mary J. Blige as well as a special ensemble acting jury award. A total of 34 films are cited in today’s release. Said IFP Executive Director Joana Vicente in a press release, “This year offered a bountiful array of diverse, creative work that represents the very best from this community. We’re thrilled to celebrate these…  Read more


Our Indie Problem: Financiers and Sexual Harassment

George Rush on the set of Don’t Leave Home

I have felt disgusted these last ten days reading the news about Harvey Weinstein as well as the angry and heartfelt outpouring from so many on social media. But like most of my colleagues in independent film, I’ve considered myself a step removed from the A-list parties and Hollywood glitterati that comprised so much of Weinstein’s world. My colleagues and I are making films, I have thought, as a high-minded alterative to the vapidness of Hollywood. But the last ten days has caused me to realize that we are not immune from the same problems that Hollywood is suffering. The problem of sexual harassment and predatory behavior is as bad and sometimes even worse on the indie level because we…  Read more


It’s a Small World: Sean Baker on The Florida Project, Shooting 35mm and Going Union

The Florida Project (Photo by Marc Schmidt, courtesy of A24)

I experience a bit of a disconnect when setting up my interview with Sean Baker about his indelible new feature about childhood, The Florida Project. The publicist tells me to meet Baker at the storied Stonewall Inn, where, before me, Baker will be doing an interview about the iPhone. It takes me a second to piece that together, but then I get it — Baker’s last film, Tangerine, starred trans actors and was shot on the iPhone, which marks its 10th anniversary this September. Baker, I guess correctly, is being interviewed for some tech website’s history of the transformative tech product. It’s a bit ironic, though. In this time of technological change and platform agnosticism, with filmmakers pinballing from the…  Read more


Watch: Psycho Shower Scene Mash-Up

Via TIFF, this is a nifty mash-up of Psycho‘s shower scene and its many ripoff/parodies — Jamie Lee Curtis, Bugs Bunny and Richard Pryor are among the many to intersect.


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