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The Trip Video pick of the month

The Trip


Rebounding from his ultraviolent adaptation of The Killer Inside Me, Michael Winterbottom reteams with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon for a comedic tour through North England. The journey begins when Coogan is asked by The Observer to review England’s top restuarants in the countryside. What he perceives as a perfect getaway with his girlfriend goes awry when she backs out on him last minute, leaving him to ask his friend, Rob Brydon, to accompany him. The Trip is a largely improvised comedy in which the two play themselves (similar to the last time Coogan and Brydon collaborated with Winterbottom in Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story), but along with having fun with Coogan’s obsessions over his career and women, some of the biggest laughs come from Coogan and Brydon trying to one-up each other with spot-on impressions of Michael Caine, Woody Allen, and more. Both culinary delight and road movie, The Trip is already a hit in the UK where it aired as a mini-series last year.

  • Comedy
  • IFC Films
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  • 6/22/2011
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