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Finding My Filmmaking Community (Or, I Moved from LA to NY to Make Movies — What Was I Thinking?)

Easy Living

Adam Keleman’s humor-laced melodrama Easy Living — about a door-to-door makeup salesman (Hannibal‘s Caroline Dhavernas) — opens tomorrow in New York at the Cinema Village before becoming available on digital platforms Tuesday, September 19. Below, he contributes a guest essay…  Read more

By Sep 14, 2017

Reflections from a First-Time Director After Shooting All These Small Moments

back left going clockwise: Brian D’arcy James, Molly Ringwald, Sam McCarthy, Melissa B. Miller, Brendan Meyer. and photo taken by Katie Leary.

Melissa Miller-Costanzo recently wrote for Filmmaker about how she moved from below-the-line production work as an art department coordinator to the writer/director of an independent feature, All These Small Moments. Here, she follows up that article with this reflective piece…  Read more

By Jun 26, 2017

Tribeca 2017: Five Questions with No Man’s Land Director David Byars

Documentary filmmaker David Byars had either the luck or the foresight that every first-time director envies. He had been following the patriot movement — a loose collection of rural conservatives who resent the federal government’s authority over issues like public…  Read more

By Apr 30, 2017

An Experiment in Biohacking: Director Kate McLean on the SXSW Short, Gut Hack

Gut Hack

Last year, a friend asked me to come to an event about synthetic biology. I’m a documentary filmmaker, and I suspected the evening was going to be a bit over my head, but she was speaking and I wanted to…  Read more

By Mar 11, 2017

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