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Les Cowboys Writer/Director Thomas Bidegain on Contemporary Westerns, His Journey to Directing, and the Importance of the “B-Book”

Les CowboysLes Cowboys

In theaters now from Cohen Media, Les Cowboys is the directorial debut of acclaimed French screenwriter Thomas Bidegain, best known in recent years for his collaborations with French director Jacques Audiard. (He has co-scripted all of Audiard’s films following The…  Read more

By Jul 5, 2016

Producer Miranda Bailey Debunks Swiss Army Man Controversy and Challenges Conventions about Women in Film

Jay Ellis and Miranda Bailey in Like Cotton TwinesJay Ellis and Miranda Bailey in Like Cotton Twines

You may not know Miranda Bailey’s name, but you probably know her work. As an actress, writer, director and producer, Miranda Bailey has a hand in just about every aspect of the independent film business. Early in her career, she executive…  Read more

By Jun 17, 2016

“Enjoy the Ride”: Bang Gang Writer/Director Eva Husson on Female-Driven Stories, Teens and Social Media, and Learning How to Be a Director

Still from Bang Gang: A Modern StoryStill from Bang Gang: A Modern Story

“Enjoy the ride,” said Eva Husson before she screened her first feature film in January at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Roughly 100 minutes later, a stumbling crowd poured out of the cinema as if collectively descending a roller coaster…  Read more

By Jun 16, 2016

Watch: The Radical Beauty of Tangerine


When Tangerine was released in 2015, much of the press attention focused on the fact that it was shot entirely on an iPhone 5s. Though that technical feat is impressive, the raw beauty of the film is equally striking. Set on…  Read more

By Jun 14, 2016

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