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Expert Tips for First-Time Documentary Filmmakers (Like Myself)

Doctor of SoleDoctor of Sole

Months ago, I got the crazy idea to write, produce and direct my first documentary. I wasn’t completely unrealistic — I knew enough to start small with a short, micro-budgetfilm. I also knew I could count on a supportive network of documentary…  Read more

By Aug 25, 2016

In Defense of Street Photography in an iPhone Age

(Lima Limpia, 2015, Mark Street.)(Lima Limpia, 2015, Mark Street.)

Last Halloween (my birthday, as it happens), I loaded up my Bolex to shoot some 16mm black-and-white images of a children’s costume parade in my Brooklyn neighborhood. I was thinking of Helen Levitt’s 1948 masterpiece, In the Street. Levitt (and…  Read more

By Aug 16, 2016

Daniels’ Possibilia Explores the Possibilities of Interactivity


Billed as an “interactive love story set in the multiverse,” Possibilia, a short film from the dynamic writing/directing duo known as Daniels, tells the story of a couple (Alex Karpovsky and Zoe Jarman) on the verge of a break-up with 16…  Read more

By Aug 3, 2016

Les Cowboys Writer/Director Thomas Bidegain on Contemporary Westerns, His Journey to Directing, and the Importance of the “B-Book”

Les CowboysLes Cowboys

In theaters now from Cohen Media, Les Cowboys is the directorial debut of acclaimed French screenwriter Thomas Bidegain, best known in recent years for his collaborations with French director Jacques Audiard. (He has co-scripted all of Audiard’s films following The…  Read more

By Jul 5, 2016

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