Watch: Cassavetes Between Takes of Love Streams

Love StreamsLove Streams

“If our films are supposed to be something like life is…then how can you determine what’s going to happen tomorrow?” That’s John Cassavetes from the set of Love Streams on the importance of surrendering to the unpredictability of filmmaking. Excerpted from…  Read more


Breaking Down the DIY Visual Effects in A Truncated Story of Infinity


Paul Trillo’s A Truncated Story of Infinity considers the limitless schema of possibilities that unfold over the course of a series of moments. The eight minute film — recently featured on Short of the Week — also boasts some pretty impressive practical effects for…  Read more


On Losing Hope…

Courtney Fathom SellCourtney Fathom Sell

Preface: Tuesday, July 28th – 3:21 am Sleepless nights since going cold turkey from all substances I have been addicted to for the past ten years or more. This is day three, and the cold sweats and shakes have nearly…  Read more


Behaving Badly in Nathan Silver’s Stinking Heaven

Stinking HeavenStinking Heaven

I love being on set. Mine, yours, whomever’s. I like eating exorbitant amounts of food. I like idle conversation. I like the feeling you get when sleep deprivation kicks in and the dullest minutiae is suddenly hilarious. But mostly I like…  Read more