“Let Some Air In!”: Nathan Silver on Directing Improvisation

Soft in the HeadSoft in the Head

I asked Nathan Silver to write a guest post on directing improvisation, largely because a spur of the moment slipup — in which one of his actors mistakenly entered a scene and decided to stay put — ended up reshaping…  Read more


Five Questions with Five Star Director Keith Miller

Five StarFive Star

A generational meditation on masculinity, Keith Miller’s sophomore film Five Star explores the relationship between Primo — a Blood since puberty — and his would-be protégé, John. Set against sun-scorched Brooklyn projects, the film folds a casual shooting style into heavier thematic…  Read more


Nathan Silver’s Undeniable Pressure Cookers

Exit ElenaExit Elena

A producer friend of mine recently opined that if your film does not get into Sundance, it’s a financial failure. That’s a hard and fast rule that doesn’t necessarily hold, beyond the frightening fact that nowadays, only one in five…  Read more


The Truth, The Horror: Eliza Hittman on It Felt Like Love

It Felt Like LoveIt Felt Like Love

“If you happen to know a brave fifteen-year-old, that’s not too embarrassed to act in an emotional teenage role, that deals with things teenagers deal with — please have her contact me. Most of the kids I’ve been seeing can…  Read more