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“Just Keep Asking”: True Crime Filmmakers Talk About Pushing A Classic Genre In New And More Ethical Directions At IFP Week 2019

I Love You, Now Die

True crime has been having a moment, as they say, for a while now. In a way it’s never not been having a moment, but the genre has rapidly evolved in the digital age, when more information is available to…  Read more

By Sep 17, 2019

“Technology Has Come A Long Way”: Todd Douglas Miller And E. Chai Vasarhelyi On Going Big With Apollo 11 And Free Solo At IFP Week 2019

Apollo 11 (courtesy of Neon/CNN Films)

Documentaries have been making bank at the box office the last couple years, which is heartening for anyone worried the blockbusters are the only game in town. Still, you don’t necessarily have to see small, intimate fare like Won’t You…  Read more

By Sep 17, 2019

“You Get To Be In Places You Have No Business Being”: Political Filmmakers Talk About Telling Big Stories With A Small Focus At IFP Week 2019

(l to r: Jehane Noujaim, Rachel Lears, Alison Clayman, Christopher Booker)

For documentarians, especially ones who focus on politics, it’s not enough to have a strong and vital subject. You need a way to get audiences engaged. The participants at the “Politically Engaged” panel at IFP Week 2019 know that all…  Read more

By Sep 16, 2019

Fear and Loathing in Grand Rapids: Joel Potrykus on Managing Anxiety While Making Relaxer

Joel Potrykus (center) on the set of Relaxer (courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories)

We were a week away from principal photography on my fourth feature film, Relaxer, and I wanted to run away. Production designer Mike Saunders and I had been building our apartment set inside his parents’ two-car garage, and things were…  Read more

By Mar 14, 2019

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