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“Imagination and Reality Go Together”: Alice Rohrwacher Talks Happy as Lazarro with Josephine Decker and David Barker

Happy as Lazzaro

Alice Rohrwacher’s work is an ecstatic affirmation of life and its imaginative possibilities. Her new film left me breathless. An unconventional story told in an unconventional way, Happy as Lazzaro is also deeply grounded. When we spoke with Alice, she…  Read more

By Nov 30, 2018

“I Wanted to Do for Adam What Demme Did for David Byrne [in Stop Making Sense]”: Steven Brill Talks About Directing Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh

Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh

Adam Sandler may have chosen to title his Netflix stand-up special Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh as an impudent jab at the critics who consistently trash his comedies, but it’s garnering the actor some of the best reviews of his career.…  Read more

By Nov 19, 2018

I Just Finished Directing My First Feature Film, Why Do I Feel Like I Have Post-Partum Depression?

Lynn Chen on set (photo: Eric Yang)

Actress, activist and blogger Lynn Chen has just wrapped production on her directorial debut, I Will Make You Mine. Below, she contributes this guest essay on the common but rarely discussed post-partum blues that directors can feel after wrapping any…  Read more

By Sep 18, 2018

How to Cast and Direct an Ensemble Film: Seven Lessons from Bernard and Huey Director Dan Mirvish

Bernard and Huey

One of the great joys of directing a film is to work with actors, and when you make an ensemble film, you get to work with a lot of actors! But working with any big group of people — especially…  Read more

By Jun 8, 2018

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