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The Seven Arts of Working in Film: A Necessary Guide to On-Set Protocol

Psycho (Illustration by Kent Osborne)Psycho (Illustration by Kent Osborne)

Welcome to your first day on a film set. Perhaps you’ve gotten a new job as a production assistant. Perhaps you’re still in school and have been given an opportunity as an intern, or you’ve recently been asked to help…  Read more


Let’s Kill the Web Series

High Maintenance (Photo courtesy of Janky Clown Productions)High Maintenance (Photo courtesy of Janky Clown Productions)

Recently I conducted a nonscientific survey among friends. I asked, “What do you think when I say ‘Web series?’” The response was overwhelmingly negative. From a Hollywood agent friend, I heard, “Waste of time and money.” From a television writer,…  Read more


23 Fragments on the Future of Cinema

James Schamus (Photo by Peter Bowen)James Schamus (Photo by Peter Bowen)

Asked to address the question of the moment, James Schamus responds with this provocative, exhilarating meditation on cinema, its death, and the possibilities of its non-future. A speech given November 18, 2014 at the German Film Academy. 1. Let us…  Read more