Editor Joe Walker on Cutting Steve McQueen’s Widows


“A stroke, and then a slap,” says editor Joe Walker. That’s how director Steve McQueen described the tone he wanted in the opening scenes of Widows. The movie opens with a remarkable sequence, intercutting glimpses of the main characters’ family…  Read more

By Dec 20, 2018

“Love and Injustice”: Composer Nicholas Britell on the Score for Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk

If Beale Street Could Talk

New York City in the 1970s occupies a special place in the popular imagination; there was a look and feel and, more important, a sound that captured the range of the city from grit to glitz. Barry Jenkins’s new If…  Read more

By Dec 20, 2018

All the Work Without the Workers: Appreciating Sleep Dealer On Its Tenth Anniversary

Sleep Dealer

Appraisal of the aesthetic and intellectual merits of science fiction, not to mention the sheer joy of encountering it, lately tends to be subsumed by talk of the perceived accuracy of a work and its predictions. We are living in…  Read more

By Dec 20, 2018

Growing Up Roeg: Glenn Kenny Remembers Getting Into the Films of the Late Nicolas Roeg

David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth

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By Dec 20, 2018

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