Metrograph Tribute to the Brothers Young Recalls Heroic Era in Indie Filmmaking

(L-R) Aaton’s Jean-Pierre Beauviala, Willem Dafoe, Irwin Young, and director Bob Young on the set of Triumph of The Spirit, Poland, 1989.

Since the passing in January of Irwin Young, chief mensch at New York’s fabled DuArt Film Lab, there has been an outpouring of tributes and reminiscences, including a packed memorial at Lincoln Center in May. But no tribute has been…  Read more

By Sep 28, 2022

Severance and Sub-Creation


In what would have been called in an earlier period of TV development “the pilot” of Apple TV+’s series Severance, Mark (Adam Scott) attends a dinner party populated by the most obnoxious people in any possible world—members of the professional…  Read more

By Jul 14, 2022

Battles Won and Lost

Glen Powell in Top Gun: MaverickGlen Powell in Top Gun: Maverick

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By Jul 14, 2022

Still Looking: Gail Segal and Sheril Antonio’s Dramatic Effects with a Movie Camera

In their new book, Dramatic Effects with a Movie Camera, Gail Segal, a poet, filmmaker and associate arts professor, and Sheril Antonio, an associate arts professor in the department of art and public policy, both at New York University’s Tisch…  Read more

By Jul 14, 2022

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