How to Ace a Film School Admissions Interview


I turned in this column way late this quarter. My excuse? Admissions. Like film faculty across the country, my colleagues and I in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California are reading dozens of applications for…  Read more

By Mar 18, 2024

Credits Where Credits Are Due

Killers of the Flower Moon

Tyler Perry believes that generative AI could soon drastically reduce location filmmaking. He recently announced plans to pause an $800 million expansion of his Atlanta-based studio complex, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I no longer would have to travel to locations.…  Read more

By Mar 18, 2024

Solutions Based: Who Should Save Independent Film?

Two white men, one wearing a red hoodie and one wearing a blue zip-up, gaze upward.A Real Pain, courtesy of Sundance Institute.

The Sundance Film Festival is a time for movie watching, deal making, talent scouting and, often, much soul searching about the state and future of the independent film industry. This year in particular there was no shortage of media coverage…  Read more

By Mar 18, 2024

“I Hope It’ll Be Comforting to Trans People, Because the Butterfly Narrative Leaves Out the Reality of the Experience”: I Saw the TV Glow Director Jane Schoenbrun Interviewed by Gregg Araki

An ice cream van smokes, seemingly on fire, in a purple-lit fieldI Saw the TV Glow

“I often don’t remember my dreams, and so when I do, I’ve learned to listen to what my subconscious could be trying to tell me,” director Jane Schoenbrun told Filmmaker in the leadup to the 2024 Sundance Film Festival, where…  Read more

By Mar 18, 2024

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