Criterion Collection to Launch Their Own Streaming Channel Post-FilmStruck

Some good news for those crushed by the looming demise of FilmStruck: The Criterion Collection, a major part of the cinephilic streaming site that’s coming to an end on Nov. 29, will be launching its own freestanding service. Their solo…  Read more

By Nov 16, 2018

Twilight Hours: Shevaun Mizrahi on Her Elegiac Documentary, Distant Constellation

Images: Distant Constellation, courtesy of Grasshopper Film

With Shevaun Mizrahi’s documentary Distant Constellation opening at NYC’s Metrograph today from Grasshopper Film, we’re unlocking from our print issue this feature with the director. It’s not news that nonfiction editing can be an attenuated process. Still, with footage so…  Read more

By Nov 2, 2018

Hat in Hand

In September 2015, I launched a Kickstarter campaign—a tongue-in-cheek effort to raise $308 to make 12 hats embroidered with the word “movies.” Three years later, I find myself president of Movies Brand, a company that has released more than 30…  Read more

By Sep 17, 2018

The Cine-Ghosts of Shirkers

Some of my best conversations have been with people who weren’t there. Absent was OK—even nonexistent was OK. As long as I imagined somebody was there. I did that as a prolific letter writer, I did that as a novelist,…  Read more

By Sep 17, 2018

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