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Your Film is Too Long: 11 Tips on How To Get Your Film to Its Correct Runtime


I know, it’s maddening. People watch 10-hour series that take five hours to get good, but your 101-minute comedy is too long. Michael Bay makes three-hour Transformers movies, but your 95-minute drama is too long. Critics love seven hours of…  Read more

By Dec 17, 2018

Disclosed: Producers and Therapists on Dealing with the Stress of a Demanding Profession

Image: Shayla Hayward Lundy

There’s a simple definition of producing that mostly has to do with developing and financing a production, overseeing the shoot, protecting a vision. But scratch a little deeper, and producers will open up with more personal responses. Producing is about…  Read more

By Dec 17, 2018

A New Kind of Magic

The exterior of the Magi pod (Photo courtesy of Douglas Trumbull)

You might not recognize the name Douglas Trumbull, but you will certainly recognize his work. He is the man behind the special effects of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and also the…  Read more

By Jun 16, 2017

From BTL to ATL: How I Went from Art Department Coordinator to Director

Melissa Miller on set with Brian D'Arcy James

The production designer Kelly McGehee called me one afternoon. I had been a production PA on a film we had both worked on. She told me she was starting a new movie and asked if I knew any art department…  Read more

By Apr 14, 2017

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