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A New Kind of Magic

The exterior of the Magi pod (Photo courtesy of Douglas Trumbull)

You might not recognize the name Douglas Trumbull, but you will certainly recognize his work. He is the man behind the special effects of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and also the…  Read more

By Jun 16, 2017

From BTL to ATL: How I Went from Art Department Coordinator to Director

Melissa Miller on set with Brian D'Arcy James

The production designer Kelly McGehee called me one afternoon. I had been a production PA on a film we had both worked on. She told me she was starting a new movie and asked if I knew any art department…  Read more

By Apr 14, 2017

Projecting Outside the Echo Chamber

An audience at the Ragtag Cinema (Photo by Billie Stock, courtesy of Ragtag Film Society)

In the past decade, I have screened thousands of documentary festival submissions. That amounts to countless hours of observing — or, more often than not, being told about — the horrifying effects of war, discrimination, depression, censorship, animal slaughter, plastic…  Read more

By Apr 13, 2017

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