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Why I Will Not Put My Film Online: A Filmmaker’s Response to Covid-19


Back in the days when I used to distribute avant-garde cinema on home video, I asked my friend George Kuchar about releasing Hold Me While I’m Naked and a few other of his classic films on DVD. “I can’t let…  Read more

By Jun 15, 2020

Are Virtual Theaters Here to Stay?


When Toby Leonard, programming director at Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre, returned to the space for the first time since the COVID-19 shutdown began, a six-foot cardboard display for Never Rarely Sometimes Always struck his eye. Eliza Hittman’s film was four days into the…  Read more

By May 18, 2020

Kaleidoscope and the Museum of Other Realities Step In to Help the VR Industry During the Pandemic

Danny Bittman's Night Snow at the Museum of Other Realities

One thing that’s been uplifting to observe throughout all the recent closures of movie theaters, festivals, and other cultural institutions has been how individuals and companies have stepped in to provide relief, support, and camaraderie during an unprecedented crisis. This…  Read more

By Mar 30, 2020

“VR Can Be So Many Things”: Diversion cinema Co-founder Camille Lopato on Distributing VR

A VR gallery designed by Diversion Cinema

Frequent visitors to major film festivals will have spent the last few years tracking the improvement not only of virtual and augmented reality pieces, but also of how they’re shown. Throughput has increased, displays and decorations gone from relatively slipshod…  Read more

By Feb 27, 2020

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