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No Small Matter, Part Two: Four Tips on Releasing an Independent Documentary During a Pandemic

No Small Matter

Last week, we chronicled the winding but rewarding grassroots impact campaign for our feature documentary on early childhood education, No Small Matter. But we left off at a critical juncture we know many friends and colleagues faced this year —…  Read more

By May 5, 2021

No Small Matter: Six Tips for a Successful Grass Roots Release

No Small Matter

The past year has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at filmmakers, disrupting distribution timelines, cutting the legs out from under theaters, and depriving our community of opportunities for networking, sales, and press. But there have also been bright spots.…  Read more

By Apr 22, 2021

Upload Prohibited: Amazon Prime Video Direct Locks Out Docs and Shorts


Amazon’s Prime Video Direct (PVD) service has a message for independent documentary and shorts filmmakers: You need not apply. Last week, Amazon’s PVD self-publishing program issued a change in policy: “At this time, we’re no longer accepting unsolicited licensing submissions…  Read more

By Feb 16, 2021

DIY Lives? #LIKE‘s Distribution Journey, Part Two: The End of the Beginning

Marc Menchaca in #LIKE

On January 26th 2021 my film, LIKE, a feminist noir thriller, debuted on Apple TV, Amazon Prime and others. It has been a long and winding road just to get to the end of the beginning. Part 1 of my…  Read more

By Feb 4, 2021

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