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On Making a Proof-of-Concept Short and Getting Representation

Glorious Empire

The following article, filmmaker and author Matt Szymanowski points out,  is not strictly an article about making a proof-of-concept short or getting representation. He says that if you only want to know about those subjects you can read these informative…  Read more

By Sep 30, 2019

Unpredictable Tides: Distributors Talk Streamers, Foreign-Language Films in the U.S., and the Changing Festival Acquisitions Environment

Bad Education

With Toronto wrapped, New York upcoming and Sundance on the horizon, the film festival season is here, and distributors — particularly the traditional arthouse distributors — are facing tougher competition than ever. While critics and audiences struggle to keep up…  Read more

By Sep 20, 2019

BRUCE!!!!: How a Special Ed Teacher Scored a Nationwide Release for his Independent Film

I was a paraprofessional (teacher’s assistant) at P256Q in Far Rockaway, Queens for 10 years working with at-risk youth. I loved my job! On Wednesdays, I would work half-days and go to Brooklyn College where I was studying film. Like…  Read more

By Mar 17, 2019

Audiences in the Sky: How to Sell Your Film to the Airlines

Photo by Tim Bruening

In 1996, flying home from Slamdance, I was stuck on the tarmac at the Salt Lake City airport in a blizzard. After an hour and a half, a Sundance actor and I tried to talk the flight attendants into playing…  Read more

By Mar 14, 2019

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