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How To Run a DIY Oscar Campaign

Dan Mirvish at the Hamptons Film Festival

Now that the drama is over about whether the Academy would disqualify Andrea Riseborough for her rules-skirting DIY Oscar campaign for To Leslie, we can now return to the question every indie filmmaker wants to know. Just how do you…  Read more

By Mar 10, 2023

Made with DALL-E-2: Prashanth Kamalakanthan and Artemis Shaw on the Poster for Their Rotterdam-Premiering New Strains

For their Rotterdam-premiering feature New Strains‘s poster, Prashanth Kamalakanthan and Artemis Shaw knew they didn’t want to use an actual image from their pandemic production, which was shot on Hi-8. And they wanted an image that in addition to being…  Read more

By Jan 20, 2023

Watch: Rachel Gordon and James-Michael Boyer Explain Documentary Educational Distribution

Rachel Gordon, author of the recently published and recommended The Documentary Distribution Toolkit: How to Get Out, Get Seen, and Get an Audience and James Boyer, director of operations at distributor Collective Eye Films, join D-Word founder Doug Block for…  Read more

By Oct 25, 2022

With Airline Sales, Watergate Film 18 1/2 Soars Into the Mile-High Club

18 1/2

At a time when big-budget Hollywood films have no guarantees of being seen by audiences at all, it’s gratifying that independent films can still find unique ways to connect with the public, largely by controlling their own destinies.  I’m happy…  Read more

By Aug 30, 2022

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