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Watch: Rachel Gordon and James-Michael Boyer Explain Documentary Educational Distribution

Rachel Gordon, author of the recently published and recommended The Documentary Distribution Toolkit: How to Get Out, Get Seen, and Get an Audience and James Boyer, director of operations at distributor Collective Eye Films, join D-Word founder Doug Block for this useful conversation about documentary distribution and all of its related subjects. In the talk, Boyer talks about things like needed deliverables, how his company makes acquisitions and the role of festivals in launching films, and Gordon talks about the realities of self-distribution, grassroots marketing techniques, and identifying and interacting with educational instructors who may be able to place films on syllabuses or screen in classrooms.

Gordon’s informative book, The Documentary Distribution Toolkit, goes much further, offering details — culled from both personal experience as well as the testimony of other filmmakers — on crowdfunding, the doc world ecosystem and partnering with community organizations, among other topics. Check out the video above and learn more about acquiring the book here.

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