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Trailer Watch: Jessica Dimmock and Christopher LaMarca’s The Pearl

The Pearl

“Christopher LaMarca and Jessica Dimmock’s The Pearl is a nighttime movie,” wrote Vadim Rizov out of True False in 2016, “all quiet, warmly illuminated interior spaces populated by a self-supporting community.” That community is one of older trans women living…  Read more

By Feb 2, 2018

“Letting Emotion Dictate the Scenes”: Breaking Down Reed Morano’s Direction of The Handmaid’s Tale

Reed Morano directing Elisabeth Moss in The Handmaid's Tale (Photo by: George Kraychyk/Hulu)

Meredith Alloway’s interview with director and DP Reed Morano (one of our top posts of the year), where Morano explains the exhaustive preparation that led her to be hired to direct the pilot of Hulu’s Margaret Atwood adaptation The Handmaid’s…  Read more

By Feb 1, 2018

Trailer Watch: Beuys


A German fighter pilot shot down over Crimea, rescued by nomadic tribesmen. A chronically depressed veteran, in near total isolation in the wilderness. A difficult pupil turned iconoclast pedagogue. Whether apocrypha or self-imposed legend, all these identities defined the persona…  Read more

By Jan 17, 2018

Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson, Production Assistant, 1992

Paul Thomas Anderson held a Reddit AMA today, where the subject of a video from 1992 came up. In the video, Anderson wanders the set of the Robert Conrad movie Sworn to Vengeance, asking various crew departments about their work and…  Read more

By Jan 16, 2018

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