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Trailer Watch: 25 New Face Filmmaker John Rosman’s New Life

Newly released is the first trailer for the thriller, New Life, the directing debut of Emmy-award-winning journalist John Rosman. Rosman was one of Filmmaker‘s 2023 25 New Faces, selected on the basis of this film, which Erik Luers described thusly: “A tale of two women—one being chased, the other a fixer doing the chasing—New Life is a pandemic-era horror film that rewards its audience with gory twists and a surprisingly heartfelt center.” One of the film’s two lead characters faces ALS, a subject Rosman covered for PBS while a journalist.

Of the journey of his Fantasia-premiering film’s characters, Rosman said, “One is facing an apocalypse, and the other is facing a personal apocalypse. One person is OK and affects everyone else around them, while the other person is not OK, but everyone else is safe. Both women, once they realize what is going on, have to go through all of the stages of grief. If you’re not thoughtful enough or you don’t do the work, the film could have all of these unintended metaphors and just feel cheap and shitty, and I did not want that to happen.”

New Life opens in theaters an on digital platforms May 3.

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