Kaleidoscope and the Museum of Other Realities Step In to Help the VR Industry During the Pandemic

Danny Bittman's Night Snow at the Museum of Other Realities

One thing that’s been uplifting to observe throughout all the recent closures of movie theaters, festivals, and other cultural institutions has been how individuals and companies have stepped in to provide relief, support, and camaraderie during an unprecedented crisis. This…  Read more

By Mar 30, 2020

Bamboozled, Showboat and Vitalina Varela: Jim Hemphill’s Home Viewing Recommendations, March 27, 2020


Although it borrows liberally from earlier films like A Face in the Crowd, The Producers, and Network, there’s nothing else quite like Spike Lee’s 2000 satire Bamboozled, the most ferociously funny movie of the writer-director’s career as well as one…  Read more

By Mar 28, 2020

Sheltering in Place: The Independent Film Community Faces the Coronavirus Shutdown

It was February, 2020. At New York’s Steiner studios, the largest studio lot outside of LA, people were busily prepping Lin Manuel Miranda’s highly anticipated directorial debut, Tik, Tik…Boom! The movie was set to begin shooting in two weeks, and…  Read more

By Mar 24, 2020

Lessons To Be Learned From Ida


One unexpected silver lining of this global pandemic has been the sudden gift of extra time – hours that otherwise would have been spent on school pickups and commutes – and when I’m not engaged in trying to entertain a…  Read more

By Mar 23, 2020

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