How Home Video Art Direction Can Undo Stanley Kubrick’s Careful Work

Leon Vitali inspects Hungarian DVD artwork for 2001: A Space Odyssey (framegrab from the documentary Filmworker)

It’s long bothered me that all the design work that goes in to film promotion—often deliberated over at length by industry-leading art directors and designers in conjunction with the actual filmmakers—is routinely discarded when that film hits home video. The…  Read more

By Oct 17, 2018

“We Sometimes Think of the Film as a Quirky Guide to Grieving”: Elan and Jonathan Bogarín on 306 Hollywood

306 Hollywood

At first, the notion of sibling filmmakers creating a doc about clearing out their recently deceased grandma’s house in New Jersey struck me as a potential recipe for a navel-gazing home movie. But the sister-brother team of Elan and Jonathan…  Read more

By Sep 28, 2018

In Search of an Audience at the Points North Fellowship: Notes on Pitching Your Documentary

Madeline Gordon at the Points North Fellowship (photo: Alexandra Morrow)

A week ago I traveled to a remote part of Maine from Australia. I arrived along with five other filmmaking teams for the Points North Fellowship, a program that provides emerging filmmakers an opportunity to present their works-in-progress to the…  Read more

By Sep 26, 2018

“Changing the Industry Game”: Queen Sugar Showrunner and Directors Talk Career Advancement at IFP Week

DeMane Davis, Kat Candler, Lauren Wolkstein, Julie Dash, Janet Pierson (l to r)

Filmmaker Elisabeth Subrin (A Woman, A Part) sends this short dispatch from IFP Week’s Screen Forward Talks: Notes to the Future Sunday program — specifically, the afternoon panel, “Through the Generations: Queen Sugar: Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey’s Queen Sugar.”…  Read more

By Sep 19, 2018

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