Jim Hemphill’s Weekend Home Viewing Recommendations: The Day After and NCIS: New Orleans — The Fourth Season

The Day After

One of the bleakest, most affecting and most expertly directed movies ever made for television arrives on Blu-ray this week in the form of Kino Lorber’s special edition of Nicholas Meyer’s The Day After. When it first aired on ABC…  Read more

By Aug 10, 2018

How a Baby Bucket List Lead Us to Make Our First Feature Film


They say that making your first feature is a lot like having your first child. My wife, Allyssa, and I have not taken the plunge into childrearing yet but instead we created a “baby bucket list.” It included diving the…  Read more

By Aug 7, 2018

Classic 3D, the WW2 Doc Strange Victory and Billy Budd: Jim Hemphill’s Weekend Viewing Recommendations

Billy Budd

If you’re in Los Angeles, this weekend offers a rare opportunity to see classic 3-D films projected in 35mm as the American Cinematheque and LACMA kick off their “Double Vision” series. Highlights include a screening of Friday the 13th Part…  Read more

By Aug 3, 2018

John Carpenter, Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna, and an Obscure Discovery for Die-Hard Horror Fans: Jim Hemphill’s Weekend Viewing Recommendations

In the Mouth of Madness

After writing and directing the most savage, uncompromising film of his career with the independently financed They Live (1988), John Carpenter made one last stab at big-budget studio filmmaking with the 1992 Chevy Chase vehicle Memoirs of an Invisible Man…  Read more

By Jul 27, 2018

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