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"Donnie Brasco is an example where the director wanted us to reveal the nature of his main character in the title sequence," says designer Kyle Cooper. To come up with the sequence, Cooper accessed surveillance-type photography used for the film and then experimented with the kerning of his font to create a stylish title design that both introduced us to his characters while establishing Johnny Depp's outsider status before the movie even begins.

An overall creepy feel infects Cooper's opening sequence for Guillermo del Toro's Mimic. The title card, above left, references the "out-of-control replication" themes of the movie while the actor cards, such as Mira Sorvino's, above right, are incorporated into scientific specimen envelopes.

"David Fincher wanted to set up the film's relationship with evil in a very direct and uncomfortable way," Cooper notes of his work for the film Seven. Because it takes so long for the killer to be revealed in Fincher's thriller, the director and Cooper wanted to foreshadow his macabre motivations from the very beginning of the movie. Accordingly, Cooper's title cards contain a unique dementia of their own as they reference the killer's fussy preparations for murder.


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