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CAA WON’T RETURN YOUR CALLS? Wanna make an offer to Brad Pitt to star in your low-budget erotic thriller? Or sidestep the agent you spilled a drink on at last year’s Christmas party? Then log on to the latest Internet resource, Who Represents?

Rapidly approaching The Internet Movie Database ( in production-office usefulness, is an online database of talent representation. Type in an actor’s name, hit return, and the site will send back the actor’s agent, manager, publicist and lawyer, complete with contact numbers. Type in an agent’s name and find a list of his or her clients.

The site is new, so it may be a while before it’s foolproof. Many actors aren’t listed, others return only sketchy info, and rampant agent roaming and poaching renders other listings out of date. Still, Who Represents? (or, as all the bitter agent-haters out there can remember it, Whore Presents) promises to make life just a little bit easier for independent producers seeking ways to get to name talent.


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