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LAST SUMMER Filmmaker featured Bradley Rust Gray as one of our "25 New Faces." Now, a year later, Gray prepares to shoot on mini DV the feature he mentioned in that piece, Salt. He sent us these pictures – of locations, actors and scenes – and the following remarks:

"Salt is a simple story inspired by an Icelandic folktale about a girl who falls in love with her sister’s boyfriend. The feelings behind the characters, the choices they are allowed to make in their lives and the way they see the world are inspired by the place they live, Iceland.

I lived in Iceland eight years ago and stayed for a month in a very small fishing village called Stödvarfjordur. I was inspired by the locations there to find this story about a girl who feels she doesn’t fit in the world around her but who desperately wants to be accepted and loved. My wife and I have gotten rid of our apartment in Brooklyn and bought a house in Iceland because of our faith in this story. We’re making the film by finding nonactors who also understand the characters and are willing to invest themselves in the project.

What is exciting to me about being in Iceland is that you discover a people who have adapted to a nearly uninhabitable island. Their ability to accept the world around them and to live without complaints is what makes being here a lesson to us in how we would want to live our lives."


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