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1. REVERSE SHOT. This critical film journal started by a bunch of friends who also hold respectful day jobs in the specialty film sector reads like an edgier, less reverent version of Film Comment. Published bi-monthly on the Web (www.reverseshot.com) and in a small print run, Reverse Shot is both unabashedly arty yet unpretentious, with a critical vigor reminiscent of the early days of Cahiers du Cinema.


POSTERITATI. Tired of Hollywood posters with their drab two-shots and silhouetted cityscapes? Need a mint-condition Czech poster for The Birds and have a spare $900? How about the Japanese edition of the Across 110th Street for $175? These and many, many more can be found at Posteritati, the vintage poster store on Centre Street in New York. Also available on the Web at www.posteritati.com.

3. NETWORK THEORY. From the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game to the artwork of Mark Lombardi, network theory is everywhere. Now comes word that software programs applied the theory to process the information that led to the capture of Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, a decades-old conspiracy theory comes with a new twist: that bin Laden has been evading the U.S. by using a bootleg version of the Promis software used by the Justice department.


JEAN COCTEAU. A huge exhibition at Paris's Centre Pompidou collects the films, drawings, newspaper clippings, photographs, notebooks, music and sculptures of the French artist Jean Cocteau. Weaving together all of the art, social and political practice of the Birth of a Poet director, the show makes a case for the transformative effect of his personality on his colleagues and his times.


YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES/ This self described "two-person multinational" headquartered in Seoul, Korea, began making witty text-based animations in 1998. Their collected work can be found on the deceptively simple Web site, www.yhchang.com. "It's very satisfying,' they explained via e-mail, "to get to see a full-screen animation of up to 24.5 minutes that starts playing on a dial-up connection in less than 5 seconds." We agree.

6. BLUEBERRY. Miramax has let Jan Kounen's debut feature Dobermann rot on its shelves for several years now. Let's hope for a better fate for the Dutch-born director's new film Blueberry, based on the cult French comic book. We've had classic westerns, revisionist westerns and spaghetti westerns. Now, from the looks of it, Kounen has created the first psychedelic western. Check out the trailer at www.blueberry-lefilm.com.


DIAMANDA GALAS. In 2002 composer and singer Diamanda Galas staged Frenzy: A Concert for Eileen Wuornos on the occasion of her execution. Now, on Mute, are two new CDs: La Serpenta Canta, and Defixiones, Will and Testament, which is dedicated to the forgotten and erased of the Armenian, Assyrian, and Anatolian Greek genocides. Unholy, transfixing, inspiring, essential.

8. IMMORTALITY. The faithful among us have never had to worry about eternal life, but lately heathens too have gotten into the act. The New York Times reported that a prestigious yearly gathering of experimental researchers chose immortality as this year's topic. Anticipating the Social Security drain, the President's Council on Bioethics is also studying the issue, pointing out, "Only aging and death remind us that time is of the essence."


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