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Purchase questions

What are the benefits of the annual digital subscription?

  • Half the price of print subscription.
  • Receive access to each issue before it hits newsstands. No waiting for postal service deliveries.
  • Search all issues by keyword (past & present issues).
  • Get the current issue & back issues to 2007 (more archives coming).
  • All emails & URLs are hyperlinked so direct contact is a click away.
  • PDF downloads so you can store it with all your other digital media and read offline.
  • Increase/decrease the font sizes.
  • You can translate it to: Italian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese.
  • View it in simple text (without photos or graphics) for easy printing.

How will I be able to read the magazine online?

You can read the magazine on your computer in a clickable format duplicating the print edition (same graphic design & pagination as our print issue). Your access to the online issues lasts for the duration of your subscription. You can also download the PDF versions to read offline. Downloaded PDF versions will never expire and are your forever. Digital subscriptions are valid for one year, encompassing four issues of Filmmaker.

Is there a sample issue I can read?

Yes! Try a sample issue on us.

How do I subscribe?

Both digital and print subscriptions can be purchased on our subscribe page.

Help with your subscription

How do I access my digital issues once I subscribe?

After logging in, you can access the issues from your Member dashboard.

How do I renew my subscription?

After logging in, follow the Renew Subscription link. Your new subscription will start after your current subscription expires so you will receive uninterrupted service.

Why can’t I see anything?

To view the digital version you need to have the free version of Flash installed on your computer. If you decide to download the PDF version to your desktop, you’ll need to have the free Acrobat Reader  installed on your computer.

Why does my computer freeze after clicking “Download PDF”?

You may not have enough memory available on your computer. Close your browser completely, restart your computer, and try again. You’ll find it easier to read if you save a copy to your desktop and open it instead of through your browser. You can also try first opening Adobe Reader on your computer then trying the “Download PDF” button.

I can’t use Flash – is there text navigation available?

Unfortunately at this time BlueToad does not have that available but we hope they do in the near future. After you download the PDF you should be able to use the screen reader locally.

After I click on the top links (Archives, etc…) how do I get back?

Look for the Exit and “X” symbol at the top right of the page.

Can I read my digital issue on my iPad?

Yes. There are two ways to read our digital edition on the iPad. You can access the digital issue page through Safari on your iPad and view it in flip book format. Or simply download our digital issue as a PDF and read it in iBooks, Goodreader or any other PDF viewer.

Need more help?

For any help with your digital or print subscription please contact for help.
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