Video on Demand — September 2011

Video pick of the month

Red State

After its audacious 15 city USA tour, Kevin Smith’s self-described horror film, Red State, goes to VOD. The movie begins with territory familiar to Smith — three high schoolers pursue an online ad for a woman seeking group sex — and then veers into darker territory as they find themselves at the mercy of a violent Christian pastor and his crazed congregation. Harrowingly portrayed by Michael Parks (Kill Bill 2), the pastor subjects his captives to hate-filled sermons while executing others he believes to be sinners. Emboldened by views of imminent salvation, he eventually falls under the scrutiny of an ATF agent played by John Goodman. A suspenseful investigation leads to an epic firefight, culminating Kevin Smith’s transition to a director of action. Also starring the Academy Award-winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Stephen Root (Office Space), Red State depicts the hysterical descent one can be taken to by his or her convictions.

  • Drama
  • Smodcast
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  • 9/1/2011
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