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Watch: Shooting Barry Lyndon with Candles

Barry Lyndon joined the Criterion Collection last week, and they’ve shared an excerpt from one of the disc’s supplements in which focus puller Douglas Milsorne and gaffer Lou Bogue discuss the difficulty of shooting with all those candles — oxygen got…  Read more

By Oct 23, 2017

Trailer Watch: Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread

Phantom Thread

“There is an air of quiet death in this house.” In the 1950s London of Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest feature, Phantom Thread, Daniel Day-Lewis is an exacting dress maker and Vicky Krieps is his latest muse. In these two minutes,…  Read more

By Oct 23, 2017

Watch: Psycho Shower Scene Mash-Up

Via TIFF, this is a nifty mash-up of Psycho‘s shower scene and its many ripoff/parodies — Jamie Lee Curtis, Bugs Bunny and Richard Pryor are among the many to intersect.

By Oct 16, 2017

Watch: Roger Deakins on Personal Connection through Cinematography

To supplement Matt Mulcahey’s interview with Roger Deakins about shooting Blade Runner 2049, check out ARRI’s interview with the legendary DP. He starts with a few general anecdotes, notes that he’s not lit the way he’d light a scene, and tells…  Read more

By Oct 10, 2017

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