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Watch: Sofia Coppola’s Christmas-Themed Gap Ads


It’s Halloween and you know what that means: less than two shopping months before Christmas! On the heels of summer’s David Fincher-helmed ads encouraging you to “dress normal,” we now have four Sofia Coppola-directed spots tied to the holiday season.…  Read more


Watch: Anatomy of a Gag in Jacques Tati’s PlayTime


In honor of the Criterion release of The Complete Jacques Tati, David Cairns looks at the building blocks of the auteur’s visual gags in PlayTime, his finely choreographed exploration of technology and the modern era. In particular, Cairns examines Tati’s use…  Read more


Watch: Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th on The Arsenio Hall Show


“The term ‘deranged sociopath’ gets thrown around a lot by the media these days,” Arsenio Hall said in 1989 when introducing Jason Voorhees on his show, “but it really applies to my next guest.” This was the year of Friday…  Read more


Watch: Visualizing Character Choice in Snowpiercer


“How do you show character choice,” wonders Tony Zhou in this abridged version of his popular “Every Frame a Painting” essay series. Void of melodramatic “there’s no turning back” declarations, Zhou points towards Snowpiercer as a film that is constantly conveying its…  Read more