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Trailer Watch: Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

Kumiko, The Treasure HunterKumiko, The Treasure Hunter

Here’s the first trailer for the Zellner Brothers’ wonderfully idiosyncratic Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter. The one minute snippet goes a little out of its way to not reveal the narrative catalyst, conjuring a vague aura of suspense, though the film itself is far…  Read more


Short Film: I Love You So Much by Leah Shore

Shore animation

“To try to write love is to confront the muck of language; that region of hysteria where language is both too much and too little, excessive (by the limitless expansion of the ego, by emotive submersion) and impoverished (by the…  Read more


Trailer Watch: Peter Strickland’s The Duke of Burgundy

The Duke of BurgundyThe Duke of Burgundy

One of my would-be favorites of 2014 — it comes out next month — finally has a trailer. The Duke of Burgundy, Peter Strickland’s follow-up to the giallo homage Berberian Sound Studio, displays some of the best uses of repetition since Jacques Rivette.…  Read more


Trailer Watch: Paul Harrill’s Something, Anything


Best not to spoil the twists and turns of Paul Harrill’s Something, Anything, and the trailer for his drama is accordingly cagey. All you need to know: Harrill’s well-received debut drama follows a newlywed bride in the wake of tragedy…  Read more