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Test Footage of the GoPro HERO4 Session


Today GoPro announced the release of their first brand new camera in nine years: the GoPro HERO4 Session. The reviews trickling in thus far are fairly positive, despite noting the trade offs that accompany a design that is 40% smaller than the…  Read more


Trailer Watch: Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs


Last seen as the source of much squabbling in the Sony hacks, here is the first official look at Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs, starring Michael Fassbender. Sorkin, who scripted, seems to be giving the late entrepreneur a similar treatment to his…  Read more


Watch: Ornette Coleman: Free Spaces

Ornette: Made in AmericaOrnette: Made in America

Shirley Clarke’s filmography is witnessing a much needed resuscitation thanks to the efforts of Milestone Films, and one specific title, Ornette: Made in America, is of particular pertinence given the untimely passing of its subject, Ornette Coleman. Kevin B. Lee…  Read more


Short Film: Michael Tyburski’s Actor Seeks Role

Actor Seeks RoleActor Seeks Role

25 New Faces Michael Tyburski and Ben Nabors have teamed up yet again on their latest short film, Actor Seeks Role. Starring Alex Karpovsky as an aspiring method actor who resorts to medical acting in lieu of a silver screen gig, Actor…  Read more