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Short Film: Bag Man, Directed by Jonathan & Josh Baker

Bag Man

The tropes of American independent filmmaking — in this cast, the tale of a latchkey child wandering the city — are a deceptive red herring in the surprising and rewarding short film Bag Man, by commercial directors Jonathan and Josh…  Read more


Watch: 50ish VHS Production Company Logos Piled up on Each Other


Has it been too long since you saw the Trimark pyramid logo? Would you like to revisit an ill-spent vidiot past but you’re in a hurry? This efficiently quasi-nightmarish video exploits the inherent strangeness of logos derived from primitive computer…  Read more


Trailer Watch: Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence

The Look of SilenceThe Look of Silence

Formally exacting where The Act of Killing was dazzlingly brazen, The Look of Silence is no less staggering of a feat than its talked-about predecessor. Joshua Oppenheimer’s unflinching look at the victims behind the Indonesian genocide will not hit theaters until next…  Read more


(New) Trailer Watch: Stanley Kubrick’s 2001


The match cut, “Also Sprach Zarathustra,” HAL — it’s all here, along with praise from Christopher Nolan and Alfonso Cuaron, in this brand new trailer for Stanley Kubrick’s classic 2001. Here’s the Hollywood Reporter: Ahead of the digitally restored film’s…  Read more