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Watch: Visual Effects at Work in Pascale Ferran’s Bird People

Bird PeopleBird People

“Confounding in a good way” is probably a cop-out way to describe a film, but I can think of few other ways to succinctly sum up Pascale Ferran’s Bird People. As you may have deduced from the title, this binary portrait features a…  Read more


Watch: David Lynch Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge


David Lynch’s broad sense of humor has always been a bit of an acquired taste, especially when he’s the one on-screen delivering it (recall all those deafness/earhorn jokes in Twin Peaks). This minute-ish video gets the much-discussed ice bucket challenge…  Read more


Watch: Gina Telaroli on Smaller Cinema as an Extracurricular

Traveling LightTraveling Light

Ricky D’Ambrose consistently runs some of the most revealing, worthwhile video interviews over at MUBI Notebook, and his latest is no exception. This go around, Ambrose converses with Gina Telaroli, one of our brand new 25 New Faces, about her…  Read more


Watch: Richard Attenborough on Satyajit Ray


Here’s a video from a less-explored part of the late Richard Attenborough’s career. In 1977, Attenborough went to India to take a supporting part in the great Satyajit Ray’s The Chess Players. In this rare fragment from a TV interview…  Read more