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Watch: Insanely Physical Stunts and On-Set Footage of Mad Max: Fury Road


Many on-set, behind the scenes videos alternate extremely mundane footage of the business of getting coverage with actors rotely reciting how amazing and wonderful everybody involved in this production is. Not so this casually intense assemblage of work on Mad Max: Fury…  Read more


Red Band Trailer Watch: Sean Baker’s Tangerine


Sean Baker’s Tangerine went into Sundance with two secrets of sorts kept firmly under wraps. Festival materials noticeably left off that the film starred two transgender actresses and — the eventually headline grabbing news — that it was shot on an iPhone 5S. The…  Read more


Watch: Reinaldo Marcus Green’s Stop


A selection of this year’s Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals, Reinaldo Marcus Green’s Stop is now available online, courtesy of Conde Nast’s steaming platform The Scene. As intimated by the title, Green’s short is a very topical examination of stop and frisk…  Read more


Kickstarter: An Exclusive Clip from Laundry Day

Laundry Day

Director Randy Mack is quoted in my “How to Find a Producer” article, discussing the production scene in his hometown, New Orleans. Now, he’s on Kickstarter raising funds for the completion of his dark comedy, Laundry Day. Set over the…  Read more