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Watch: Psycho Shower Scene Mash-Up

Via TIFF, this is a nifty mash-up of Psycho‘s shower scene and its many ripoff/parodies — Jamie Lee Curtis, Bugs Bunny and Richard Pryor are among the many to intersect.

By Oct 16, 2017

Watch: Roger Deakins on Personal Connection through Cinematography

To supplement Matt Mulcahey’s interview with Roger Deakins about shooting Blade Runner 2049, check out ARRI’s interview with the legendary DP. He starts with a few general anecdotes, notes that he’s not lit the way he’d light a scene, and tells…  Read more

By Oct 10, 2017

Watch: Gillian Wallace Horvat’s “Raunchy Feminist Comedy,” Whiskey Fist

Whiskey Fist

As her short Whiskey Fist has made its away across the festival circuit, director Gillian Wallace Horvat has penned a couple of essays for Filmmaker amplifying and riffing off of her shorts’ themes. Specifically, she takes aim at the rise…  Read more

By Oct 2, 2017

Kimberly Peirce, Natasha Lyonne, Lena Dunham and More Talk Therapy with Alex Karpovsky and Teddy Blanks

Kimberly Pierce

Disclosure: I’ve never done therapy, although it has certainly been suggested over the years. Any recent therapy-curiosity was tempered by watching a couple of episodes of the Naomi Watts/Netflix series Gypsy, which made seeing a therapist seem like being the…  Read more

By Sep 25, 2017

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