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Trailer Watch: James Ponsoldt’s The End of the Tour

The End of the TourThe End of the Tour

Here’s the first trailer for James Ponsoldt’s David Foster Wallace biopic, The End of the Tour, which picked up several nice notices out of Sundance, if not from his family and literary estate. Starring Jason Segel as Wallace and Jesse Eisenberg…  Read more


Artel Great Launches Project Catalyst at Cinema Research Institute Event

Artel Great

Project Catalyst, an “innovative transmedia initiative that fuses creative community building with cinema, art, music, and technology” and is aimed at multicultural communities was pitched at an NYU Cinema Research Institute event last month, hosted at AOL Build. In the…  Read more


Watch: A Brief History of Motion Capture’s Past and Present


With Robert Zemeckis back in the live-action world and James Cameron taking his time to gear up Avatars 2-4, there’s not been much discussion lately of motion capture. That doesn’t mean it’s gone away, and this video from Vice’s The…  Read more


Watch: Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach Fundraise for Orson Welles’ Final Film


You’ve probably heard about the latest push to finally produce a finished, edited version of Orson Welles’ uncompleted final film, The Other Side of the Wind. In support of an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds, Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach…  Read more