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Watch: :: kogonada’s Video Essay on Bresson’s Doors, Once There Was Everything

In this video essay, :: kogonada returns to the films of Robert Bresson (which he previously explored in this video essay on the director’s use of hands), this time looking at his use of doors.

By Aug 16, 2017

Watch: David Lynch’s Bonkers MacDowell Colony Medal Acceptance Speech

David Lynch is an alumni of MacDowell, the storied New Hampshire artists colony. He was awarded this weekend their MacDowell Medal in a ceremony hosted by author and MacDowell Colony chairman Michael Chabon but, due to a prior engagement, was unable…  Read more

By Aug 14, 2017

Watch: Robert Bresson, Less is More

For the uninitiated, Robert Bresson can seem like one of the more forbidding of the all-time great directors. But his work has a visual precision, narrative economy and compelling worldview that remain absolutely transfixing today. In his latest video essay,…  Read more

By Aug 7, 2017

Watch: “L’argent, A to Z”

James Quandt analyzes Robert Bresson’s themes and motifs in this video essay on L’argent, which just joined the Criterion Collection last month.

By Aug 3, 2017

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