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Trailer Watch: Kirsten Johnson’s Personal Cameraperson

Cameraperson (Photo by Kirsten Johnson, image courtesy of Janus Films)Cameraperson (Photo by Kirsten Johnson, image courtesy of Janus Films)

Cameraperson, Kirsten Johnson’s acclaimed personal documentary, has enjoyed a full festival run since its premiere earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival. The film incorporates Johnson’s cinematography over the past 25 years, including her work on award-winning films such as Fahrenheit…  Read more

By Aug 23, 2016

Watch: Terrence Malick’s Four Elements

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 5.21.44 PM

Earth, wind, air, fire: this supercut from Movies in 5 Minutes examines Terrence Malick’s use of the four elements.

By Aug 23, 2016

Watch: How to Light Table Scenes


In this video from Aperture’s Four Minute Film School (above), DP Julia Swain shares techniques and tips of effectively lighting a round table scene with four actors using only a 3-light kit with a bounce card, soft box, and china ball.

By Aug 22, 2016

Watch: Werner Herzog on Virtual Reality, the Future of Humanity and Internet Trolls

Lo and BeholdLo and Behold

“I have a lot of trolls and a lot of imposters. I’m on Facebook, but it’s not me. I’m on Twitter, but it’s not me,” says Werner Herzog in a recent installment of VICE Talks Films (above). Herzog is doing…  Read more

By Aug 22, 2016

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