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Watch: An New Clip from Celia Rowlson-Hall’s MA

A woman, a man, a car and the desert. Widescreen. That’s the gist of this clip for Celia Rowlson-Hall’s highly-recommended MA, which opens tomorrow at the IFC Center via Factory 25. Check out the clip, read the synopsis below and…  Read more

By Jan 12, 2017

Watch: “The Godfather: Solozzo’s Death – Script to Screen Analysis”

This graphics-heavy analysis of a key scene from The Godfather juxtaposes images with the script directions, along with on-screen annotations and an audio assist from a Francis Ford Coppola interview.

By Jan 11, 2017

Watch: “Movies 2016”

This 2016 supercut by Nikita Malko is notable for its intricate intercutting between a variety of pop-ish songs with lyrics and dialogue from the films chosen.

By Jan 10, 2017

Watch: “Joel & Ethan Coen – A Tribute”

Alexandre Gasulla pays tribute to the Coen brothers with this supercut connecting motifs and visuals from across their body of work.

By Jan 9, 2017

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