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RIP Mike Nichols (1931-2014)


The sad news of Mike Nichols’ death at age 83 had me searching for something beyond the usual The Graduate highlight reel that would illustrate what seems to me like his greatest directorial virtue: the ability to keep a tonal straight face…  Read more


Watch: Josephine Decker’s Flashes of Brilliance

Butter on the LatchButter on the Latch

A considerable crowd of critical praise has coalesced around the work of Josephine Decker, most notably this “A Star is Born” piece from her longtime champion Richard Brody. Kevin B. Lee at Fandor put forth a more tempered assessment of Butter…  Read more


Watch: 2001 Stars Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood Do a Q&A


In this Q&A from a recent Toronto screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey, stars Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood are in fine form as they take to the stage to discuss why all the actors in the film were Canadian…  Read more


Kubrick Sees Red: A Supercut On the Director’s Love of the Color

web photo

Blood can’t be any other color, but there are plenty of things — like spacesuits and bathroom walls — that can. In this punchy, to-the-point supercut, Rishi Kaneria draws from 2001, Full Metal Jacket, The Shining, Barry Lyndon and other…  Read more