Blackmagic Releases a Free Version of Fusion 7


Back in September Blackmagic announced they had purchased eyeon Software, developers of the high-end VFX application Fusion 7. And now they have done the same thing they did after acquiring DaVinci Resolve; they have drastically slashed the price of the…  Read more


Watch: Stitching Birdman Together in Post


If I was at all restless during Birdman, it had little to do with the stakes of the plot, and much more to do with deciphering Emmanuel Lubezki’s visual pyrotechnics. Apologies for the spoiler, but you’ve probably heard by now that…  Read more


Mocha 4: The Planar Tracker Gets an Update

The Lens Distortion module in Mocha ProThe Lens Distortion module in Mocha Pro

Imagineer Systems has updated Mocha, their popular planar tracking tool. Mocha, which comes in multiple versions, makes it possible to track parts of a scene and then use that information to composite graphics and perform other manipulations to your image.…  Read more


Lessons from the Cutting Edge Tour


I spent a half-day at Adam Epstein’s “The Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour” last week. Epstein, who is the editor for the Saturday Night Live Film Unit, has spent the past month and a half traveling the country presenting on how…  Read more