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New OSX App Hedge Manages File Transfers


Released this week, Hedge is an OS X app for streamlining the process of importing camera footage and making backups. Hedge will transfer multiple disks at the same time and verify each copy. Paul Matthijs Lombert came up with the idea…  Read more

By Mar 23, 2016

2016 Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship Awarded to Eileen Meyer

Eileen MeyerEileen Meyer

The 2016 Karen Schmeer Film Editing Fellowship has been awarded to film editor Eileen Meyer, best known for her work on the award-winning documentary Best of Enemies. In announcing the news, the awards committee said, “Eileen impressed us with her confident…  Read more

By Mar 10, 2016

“Directors and VFX Artists Can Come Together as a Team”: Using Fusion to Composite Effects for Yellow Day


Magnetic Dreams is an effects house based in Nashville Tennessee. With experience in both 2D and 3D animation, they did most of the compositing for the film Yellow Day using Blackmagic Design’s Fusion. Fusion is a compositing program that, since…  Read more

By Mar 10, 2016

Structuring Uncle Howard in Production and Post using William Burroughs’s The Western Lands and Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru  

William Burroughs and Howard Brookner in Uncle HowardWilliam Burroughs and Howard Brookner in Uncle Howard

One of the earliest challenges in making Uncle Howard was figuring out how to tell a story around a main character who is essentially absent. My uncle, Howard Brookner, was a fairly obscure director, whose work went missing to varying degrees,…  Read more

By Jan 26, 2016

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