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Points North Institute Announces New Shortform Editing Residency to Take Place During Camden International Film Festival

Photo: Ben KrebsPhoto: Ben Krebs

As the photo above indicates, Camden, Maine in the fall is a pretty idyllic place to get one’s head out of an urban edit room and gain perspective on one’s project. Apropos of that, the newly formed Points North Institute…  Read more

By Jul 22, 2016

Colorist Bryan McMahan on Knight of Cups, Working with Terrence Malick and the HDR Future

Knight of CupsKnight of Cups

The Horatio Alger myth for the Golden Age of Hollywood’s studio system involved a bright, ambitious lad working his way up from the mailroom or his post as a clapper boy. By the time Bryan McMahan entered the movie business…  Read more

By Jun 27, 2016

How to Rebuild The Sound of an Arena Concert: Sound Designer Lawrence Everson on Contemporary Color

Contemporary ColorContemporary Color

Contemporary Color follows ten color guard troupes from across the country as they perform in multiple concerts put on by David Byrne in Toronto and Brooklyn. Crafted to appear to take place over one night at the Barclays Center in New York,…  Read more

By Jun 23, 2016

New OSX App Hedge Manages File Transfers


Released this week, Hedge is an OS X app for streamlining the process of importing camera footage and making backups. Hedge will transfer multiple disks at the same time and verify each copy. Paul Matthijs Lombert came up with the idea…  Read more

By Mar 23, 2016

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