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Structuring Uncle Howard in Production and Post using William Burroughs’s The Western Lands and Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru  

William Burroughs and Howard Brookner in Uncle HowardWilliam Burroughs and Howard Brookner in Uncle Howard

One of the earliest challenges in making Uncle Howard was figuring out how to tell a story around a main character who is essentially absent. My uncle, Howard Brookner, was a fairly obscure director, whose work went missing to varying degrees,…  Read more

By Jan 26, 2016

Dial it Down a Little: Disney Lets You Shape Actors’ Performances with New Face Director Software

Almost There (7)

The director Ruben Östlund shoots wide in 4K, composing the individual shots for films like Force Majeure by, in post-production, pushing in and moving from side to side. Now, Disney Research has developed a new tool, Face Director, that offers…  Read more

By Dec 13, 2015

Free Animated Icons, After Effects Presets and More for Your Video Project from PremiumBeat (Sponsored Post)


PremiumBeat, a royalty free music library, offers a variety of affordably licensable cues that can be used in your video project. In addition, the company is offering a number of other useful tools for free that can be of use…  Read more

By Sep 30, 2015

Win An Ultra-Wide LG34UC87 Monitor And $10,000 To Promote Your YouTube Presence (Sponsored Post)

DreamSetup_Key Visual_20150903 (1)

The LG34UC87, an ultra-wide monitor, is designed with the needs of editors and gamers specifically in mind. At 34 inches, the curved display eliminates the need to set up two side-by-side monitors, reducing your workflow to one manageable screen that…  Read more

By Sep 17, 2015

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