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“I Have to Feel Sincere and Real When I Do It”: Joanna Fang on the Lifestyle Work of the Foley Artist

Joanna Fang

In Weiner, Josh Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg’s documentary about Anthony Weiner’s attempted political comeback running for New York mayor, there’s a scene of Weiner shoveling a drippy deli wrap with a side of crispy fries in the back seat of…  Read more

By Jan 17, 2017

Self Protection for Filmmakers: Security Rules to Live by from DOC NYC

Brenda Coughlin at DOC NYC

Of all the panels I attended at Doc NYC, the one called Protecting Yourself, on November 16, gave me the most hope for the future. The filmmakers were an impressive line-up of first-timers and veteran filmmakers, linked by their willingness…  Read more

By Nov 18, 2016

From DOC NYC, Five Takeaways from Veteran Documentary Editors on Successfully Cutting Doc Features

Editor Matthew Hamachek at DOC NYC. (Photo: Carlos Stanfer)

On Sunday I attended two editing-focused events at DOC NYC PRO. The “Morning Manifesto” was delivered by Matthew Hamachek, editor of films including Cartel Land and Amanda Knox. Later that afternoon, veteran editor Geof Bartz, Supervising Editor at HBO and…  Read more

By Nov 16, 2016

“Just Because It’s Not Online Doesn’t Mean it Doesn’t Exist”: Tips on Finding and Using Archival Footage from DOC NYC Pro

The Reagan Show

Sitting in the audience at a DOC NYC Pro Masterclass just days after the election, I found it impossible to separate the discussions and stories from the story of our country at this moment. Everything going on in film seems…  Read more

By Nov 14, 2016

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